The North Carolina Department of Insurance Deputy Commissioners are using the Department and their positions as their own personal war machine against people who do not conform to their demands. This is called corruption in any other form or content.

Deputy Commissioner Angela Hatchell, and Rebecca Shigley who are under the supervision of Wayne Goodwin enforce only the laws and rules they want to and only when they want to or when they are under command from the insurance companies.   Wait a minute !!!!

North Carolina General Statutes 58-2-1 states that the Commission was set up in 1919 to supervise all insurance companies doing business in this state. The Deputy Commissioners work for us…..well that is the way it is supposed to work any ways.

Who is supposed to investigate political corruption such as this ???? The North Carolina Department of Justice? ¬†Good luck with that ever happening. Roy Cooper doesn’t do anything at his post now, how can we expect him to actually care about corruption.


I’ve contacted the FBI and I was told that unless I have all of the proof to bring charges, then they could not help me.

The Department of Insurance has issued Bonding License to convicted Felons. This has been going on since 2009 and these people still have their license. One final thing here how about you actually doing your jobs all of the time and not just when you feel like doing it. Where is the “ETHICS COMMISSION” when you need them.