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The insurance companies in the state of North Carolina in the year of 2013 for Property and Liabilities coverage alone did over 2 trillion dollars in premiums. I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

Guess who had the largest amount of complaints for 2013…..Allstate…Auto-Owners…Erie…..Hartford….Liberty Mutual…..N.C. Grange….Nationwide…..North Carolina Farm Bureau……Peerless…..Safeco ( owned by Liberty Mutual )……State Farm…….Universal….and finally USAA…….

You look at all of these companies and see all of these complaints assessed against them you have to come up with a couple of conclusions. The first question is…are all of the insurance companies this bad?

The answer is NO.

The following companies that had the least complaints were….AIG…….Amica…..Bankers Standard….Charter Oaks…..United Property…..and finally Voyager Indemnity.

The information for this article was obtained on the North Carolina Department of Insurance website. These are just the complaints assessed against the insurance companies here in North Carolina. Think about the numbers of complaint assessed against these companies across the U.S. Think about this article when it is time for renewal. If you don’t you might be sorry that you didn’t.

I personally have an issue with one of these companies…and that would be the Hartford Insurance Company. ┬áThe AARP Endorsed insurance company. This company is taking advantage of all of the elderly people. To me this is a true travesty. I am involved with an 85 year old woman who is wrongfully being denied on her hidden behind the kitchen wall claim. I will post more in the near future on this. I am having this claim assigned directly to me so that I may file suit in court against the Hartford after I help this woman put her kitchen back together so that she can enjoy her life.


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