It appears that a Mr. Valentine, that is buddy’s with Wayne Goodwin has illegally started an insurance company which violate specific articles of Article 71 of North Carolina Insurance Law 58….I can not print my source of this information but I have the internal emails to prove it….

Guess who is involved?  YES….. Angela P. Hatchell one of my favorite people at the Department of Insurance. Again not enforcing the law when problems are put in front of her. But will use her position to wrongfully assess charges against people who will stand up against her. She is by the way THE Deputy Commissioner in charge of Agent Services Division.

Have you demanded an investigation into these truths Mrs Hatchell ? No, you did not, you sent the complaint away from you to the Financial Evaluations Division.  This is called the Raleigh Two Step on the issues that are plentiful in the Bail Bonds Industry.

It seems Mrs. Hatchell this only goes to prove yet once again that you are unfit for your position as Deputy Commissioner. With that I am demanding a FBI Investigation into your actions and the actions of Wayne Goodwin’s preferential treatment of this new insurance company at the cost of all tax payers to include anyone who has to but illegally inflated insurance premiums.

I would be more than happy to have signed affidavits presented to an FBI Investigation.

I will continue my investigations into all corruption that I find and I will print these findings unlike the politically censored newspapers that are in Charlotte and Raleigh.

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I am a man that is hell bent in changing the way insurance companies treat us and changing the NCDOI. He is a proud fighter against government waste, fraud, and abuse and the founder of the North Carolina Advocate magazine.


  1. It is not just Valentine as there are others in that operation. But he has been operating collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal insurance premiums in two states without a license and hiding behind many companies. Don’t know if he is a friend of Goodwin or not but Goodwin’s agency has given “Godfather Carl” a free rein in North Carolina. They are committing insurance fraud against the taxpayers often monthly and preying on unsuspecting counties due to the DOI doing “nothing”.
    Good website.

    • Thank you for your feedback about my website. In response to your comment I need proof that the do nothing Deputy Commissioners are not doing their jobs. I am in the process of filling out and filing complaints to the much needed Federal Parties not state parties. I will get action no matter what it takes. Ron

  2. You can contact the Bureau Of Insurance in Richmond Virginia, They have a file on Carl Valentine, because that is the other state he was licensed in.. He is a crook, and I have had my dealings with Ms. Angela Hatchell she makes up rules according to the situation, you are correct in saying that the whole NCDOI need to be
    restructured. Virginia took Valentine’s license….There are little companies popping up all over NC, I know that none of them have a million dollars to put up, I am wondering how that works, what are they doing.
    The whole business of bonding in the state of NC is pathetic…

    • I am putting together legal forms of punishment for the commissioner and deputy commissioners of insurance. The more proof that can be supplied by you guys will be brought forward. I am not interested in settling anything before I get my day in court with these guys. If they can falsely accuse me and put me in jail….just how many people that are out there have these same deputy commissioners have they done this too. I am determined to allow everyone a platform to speak but I want proof not just idle gossip.

  3. Why just bother angry old man Carl Valentines? Check complaint cases involving bail agents Tim Mathis, Shawn Sullivan, Danny Thompson, George Latham, and a Larry Powell Jr. that sent a million dollars out of state violating interest bail and collateral laws and no return after 72 hours? They got forms not signed on backside. Look at Perl Lopez case Valentine gurl. Seem like there is a case in Pitt County where Anthony Smith signed jailer signature to Diamond State forfeiture named of Garza. Miss Covington was looking at that and nothing come of it ever. I hear tell three friend of Godwin are given bail bond company called First Atlantic when lawyer cannot be in bail. If yo call agent serves and speak to Angela Ford with records request you will get all you need to know. Ask how CL Collins a felon is back in business. There is over dozen of those I know about. Not a thing ever happens. Talk to Yolanda Smith about NCDOI harassment. She knows. There is lots of issues more than the old man since he is old news and Godwin protects him for some reason. More many more.

    • I am interested in all forms of corruption not just this man. I am determined to have the Deputy Commissioners either do their respective jobs. Or retire and let someone that wants to do the job do so instead of using the regulatory office as there personal attack dogs and falsely accusing some and not bring offenders to and in front of a judge.

  4. The insurance company you are talking about is AAI — Agent Associates Insurance. The owners are Carl Valentine, Mark Cartret and Roland Loftin. To be specific, Mr. Valentine owns 16.66% of AAI.

    Mark Cartret has tried desperately to keep his association with Mr. Valentine secret but the Department of Insurance has been provided with the contract that proves that they are business partners. Frankly, between the three of them, Mr. Valentine got the short end of the stick. He is the only one who has not taken an active lead in running AAI, and by all accounts AAI has been very poorly managed. Under Mr. Cartret’s leadership, AAI has been audited and investigated by the Department of Insurance extensively. It is common knowledge that he has directed has agents to post illegal bonds. It does not appear that Mr. Valentine was privy to any of this. Hopefully, Mr. Valentine will step forward and try to save his company before it’s too late.

    This appears to be a site full of DOI haters — and yes, DOI does have its problems, but at least, in this instance, DOI appears to be gathering all the facts before they react or falsely accuse — which is never a bad thing to do, Mr. Pierce.

    • Same as above. with one addition. The people at the NCDOI had no problem falsely accusing me of 108 felony counts. I am looking for the other people who are or have been falsely accused. Ron

  5. The insurance company you are talking about is AAI — Agent Associates Insurance. The owners are Carl Valentine, Mark Cartret and Roland Loftin. To be specific, Mr. Valentine owns 16.66% of AAI.

    Mark Cartret has tried desperately to keep his association with Mr. Valentine secret but the Department of Insurance has been provided with the contract that proves that they are business partners. Frankly, between the three of them, Mr. Valentine got the short end of the stick. He is the only one who has not taken an active lead in running AAI, and by all accounts AAI has been very poorly managed. Under Mr. Cartret’s leadership, AAI has been audited and investigated by the Department of Insurance extensively. It is common knowledge that he has directed has agents to post illegal bonds. It does not appear that Mr. Valentine was privy to any of this. Hopefully, Mr. Valentine will step forward and try to save his company before it’s too late.

    This appears to be a site full of DOI haters — and yes, DOI does have its problems, but at least, in this instance, DOI appears to be gathering all the facts before they react

    • REALLY? just how long does it take for the DOI to react? Only after an FBI investigation? And I freely admit as it stands I hate corruption at it finest at the NCDOI. Ronald Pierce

  6. The smart thing to do would be to verify the individuals posting here to see if they are real or hiding behind numerous FAKE names and emails. Perhaps a phone call to see if you can reach such a person before you let that person lead you down the path of libel. You are letting your beef with DOI blind you to being used for someone else’s vendetta. Yes there are problems that need fixing but letting others hijack your mission is not wise. There is a reason one shouldn’t believe everything you read and that goes double for the internet and “internal ” emails. You didn’t appreciate your name being tarnished… Would you be an accomplice in doing the same to someone you’ve never met? Based on someone ELSE you’ve never met?

    • Well said. I see that you are using a fake email. But it doesn’t matter to me. I am looking for the truth no matter what. People can say as they like in the comment section. If it is stupid I just won’t allow it to be seen.

  7. There are many records, complaints and emails to agents and insurers in bail that will show Carl Bayless Valentine’s activities in bail. The Insurance Department website in NC has a verification showing his licenses surrendered under regulatory action which, when read with opinions and statutory language provided at the Insurance Department makes him “disqualified.”
    In 2013 partners of Godfather Valentine approached friends of Wayne Goodwin, Gene Davis and Reggie Holley. These gentlemen, otherwise good guys, a lobbyist and an attorney, connected Mark Carteret, Larry Powell, and Roland Loftin, Jr with the Godfather Valentine due to representations made by two partners of Godfather Valentine. Turns out after Valentine and his partners represented himself as a general agent supervising many agents and held him out to be properly qualified and licensed- someone called Angela Hatchell who said “he is disqualified- look at DOI’s online verification for Carl Bayless Valentine.” Mr Valentine had been outed and shown to be misrepresenting himself as he has done on many occasions. This is a con man that others claims owes premiums (to AIA) due to conversion of insurers funds and who appears complicit in presenting or causing fraudulent documents to be presented to courts. Check out this and verify my friend.

  8. Wayne Goodwin needs to go. He is up there for himself, his friends and insurance companies who contribute to his campaign. Excuse me he holds the title of “Comissioner.” He is never in the building or at his job. Perhaps that is the reason for the corruption and why nothing is getting done. I voted for him. I supported him. Not anymore. He is just line Pelosi, Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton. Corrupt and a small g god looking for self gain at the taxpayers expense. So voters let us send him a message. Send him home.

  9. In business or not in business. That is the question. For sure fraud is going on attributable to a man called Valentine under another man called Goodwin’s watch. Proof? Here is but 1 of hundreds of messages I have. So does Wayne Goodwin who for some reason decided to go after the whistleblowers. You decide.
    Here is the name and number of the translator I dealt with at the World Company:
    Ana Cauthen 9197962876
    Reinaldo Santiago Dominguez, DOB 02/06/83 (true name- Fermin Salas Lopez, DOB 07/23/81).
    His sister is Araceli Franco (Lopez), 336-567-7612. He is from Ixtlan del Rio, Sinaloa, Mexico, but was born in the US.
    The first, but the courts are aware that’s not his true name. Have them go with the true name though, otherwise it looks funny. And don’t say he was born there.
    Just say that’s where he was found deceased in a drug deal gone bad or something.
    Delete ALL these texts, and just give her this info face to face if you can. DO NOT mention my name please. This is for you, or better yet, the family asked for your help.
    Please text our office guy, Derek Cox at (336) 953-4299 with your bank info so he can make the deposit. Thanks.
    World Co rep is calling you now.
    Fermin Salas Lopez, DOB 07/23/81). He is from Ixtlan del Rio, Sinaloa, Mexico.
    Father- Jose Aguayo Lopez (DOB 01/1

  10. You need to ask Carol Cooks and a few others about Carl’s contracts and misrepresentations. She’s yet another complainer Hatchell forwarded to the Departnent’s File 29. The proof is in front of you all if you wish to obtain it. Just file records requests to DOI on Carl Valentine, Carol Cooks, Charles Timmothy Mathis, Perla Lopez, Michael Schon and oh yeah- request a request records of any email sent or request made by Mark Cartret former bail association president. Throw in a request seeking Jim Camps and Phil Bradsaws along with Melissa Seilers emails and ask for the report by retired DOI staff Reeves and Brimm outlining corruption at DOI. While you are at it seeking the truth ask for Dan Johnson’s AG advisory letter from 2010 that got a powerful senators partner fired. All in a nutshell.

  11. To L. Donnette
    Not only did Carl Bayless Valentine lose his license in Virginia. He also lost it in North Carolina. A public records check at DOI through Agent Services will confirm this. Also DOI has an online verification system showing 3 licenses being taken from Carl. These are facts. Further facts are that Mr. Valentine and other partners, some licensed by the Department have continued on operating and collecting insurance premiums. Such is illegal under Chpt. 58 Article 71. That too is a fact. An opinion produced by Deputy Attorney General Dan Johnson in 2010 lists a paragraph of professions and others who cannot be in business with or partner with or work for bail agents that are licensed. This is easily proven. In fact if you enter into any relationship with attorneys, spouses of attorneys and others shown in the Article which includes ANYONE disqualified for ANY reason listed – you, your business and your insurance company are ALL in violation of the law. Another point for this Edward Snowden “anonymous” posting issue. If the licensees or consumers had a valid redress system that would not go after complainers who only seek enforcement of our insurance laws, perhaps, just perhaps, folks would use their own names. I’m curious to see the contract the other complainer mentioned involving Mark Carteret, Roland Loftin and Carl Valentine. Please publish your allegation or show your facts for us.

  12. Correction: My email is real and I have had it since 1989…it just has numbers in it. You will find that there is one individual who has multiple aliases on here who is spoon feeding his agenda to you because of your beef with DOI. This individual has done the same thing for years on different websites, forums, etc regarding bail bonding. He loves to throw stones and smile at your face. In other instances, he ‘reports’ criminal activity hoping to cause his targets trouble. He is not like you Ron. You appear to stand up for what you believe. He is a coward and must hide to do his work. He has attacked dozens of bondsmen, even a judge and a sheriff. He won’t file a lawsuit, because he doesn’t have the millions he brags of…and he usually stiffs anybody he hires. When people find him out, they move on, and he gets vindictive. He has no friends, and spends his time intimidating people, and hiding behind the internet in the wee hours.

    I am going to read more about your case. You are not alone in being mistreated by DOI. I am guessing you may have been charged or arrested by DOI’s Tim Pardue, since his area is your area. He will do anything for a conviction including lying to a DA, grand jury, or in open court. He is inept and vindictive with some colleagues. In my opinion, the whole Criminal Investigative Division should be disbanded and investigated. They cannot police their own. They are quick to shout their arrests from the rooftops, and then after ruining someone’s life, dismiss or fail to convict.

    Remember Ron, if people post defamatory stuff on your page, you are not responsible. But if YOU post something slanderous taking a contributor’s word, then you ARE responsible. This is well settled law with hundreds of challenges and is called the Communications Decency Act, specifically Section 230.

    Thank you for allowing posts for differing views, and keep up the good work. Oh, and a shout out to Aaron, Donnette, Yolanda, and R. Pine….one in the same…you are fooling only a few.

    • I will allow posts from anyone because this is and what should happen in our world except it doesn’t happen and that is a place for people who have been done wrong to have a voice. thanks for your comments. Ron

  13. As I was leaving the hospital, I got a call from Vinson Smith. Vinson told me that Tim Purdue was in the Iredell Clerk of Court office copying every page of every case file that Jamarr had in the Clerk’s office. I later found out after being found not guilty in Iredell County Superior Court that Tim Purdue’s actions from that day forward were guided by one goal and only one goal. Tim Purdue would try to get a conviction and get the license of Vinson Smith at any cost. He would even lie on the witness stand to get this conviction. The very day of the incident where we apprehended Jamarr Scott, Tim Purdue was dancing around the Iredell Clerk’s Office and very verbosely saying “I got him now, I got him now”. He was making such an ass of himself that one of the clerks felt like telling him that his behavior was not appropriate for the office and that if he wanted to continue his celebrating that he would need to take his celebration somewhere else. After we were found not guilty, I went to the clerk’s office and was congratulated by every single clerk I met in the office. The clerk that had witnessed Tim Purdue’s premature celebration the day of the incident told me about Tim Purdue’s actions that day. I told her that I had just heard him testify in court that he did not even know about the case until three or four days after the incident. She stated to me that he was lying and that she would be willing to let anyone know about her Tim Purdue’s actions on the day that Vinson Smith and myself apprehended Jamarr Scott.

    The sad truth of the matter is that I was just collateral damage in that I had not been on the scope of Tim Purdue prior to this incident in Statesville. Tim Purdue played his power plays in the background to get charges brought against Vinson Smith and myself. I gave a statement to the police at the time of the incident, and without any other interviews, any other interrogations with law enforcement, or any contact what so ever with Tim Purdue; I was charged with these crimes. As the judge ruled at the end of the District Attorney’s presentation of the State’s Evidence, all charges were dismissed. Judge Spainhour stated that I had great restraint and professionalism in not going up and just kicking the door in to get this fugitive. Judge Spainhour even went further in saying that he could not believe that the charges were ever filed, and that the entire case was a waste of taxpayer money in attempting to prosecute two bondsmen doing their jobs.

    As further proof of Tim Purdue’s desire to ensure that he could get Vinson Smith’s bail bonds license, he carried an officer to Smith’s office and asked for the gun that Smith had at the incident earlier that day. Smith carried them out to his car and retrieved the pistol from the pocket in the backside of the driver’s seat. Tim Purdue added another charge of carrying a concealed weapon against Vinson Smith. As Judge Spainhour stated while dismissing all charges, it is perfectly logical that a person would not leave a pistol in open view when leaving a vehicle for an extended period of time. This would be an open invitation to a criminal to break the window out and get a weapon to commit other crimes. There was no basis for the carrying a concealed weapon charge.

    Other law enforcement officials in Iredell County expressed surprise and disdain for the individuals that brought the charges against Vinson Smith and myself. I had done much work tracking down fugitives in the area and I had gain the trust and respect of law enforcement officials, county clerks, district attorneys, and most importantly bail bondsmen in the Statesville area. I was did thorough investigations and uncovered many valuable details about the individuals that I was hunting before I would go to law enforcement officials for help or to share information that I had uncovered about the fugitives for which I was looking. I earned the respect of these people and brought a unique passion to my work that distinguished me from my counterparts.

    Further evidence of Tim Purdue’s overzealous pursuit bringing unjust charges against Smith and myself and Purdue’s promoting his own opinion to local officials until he convinced them to bring file these charges on Purdue’s behalf came in the judge’s ruling while dismissing all charges at the end of the prosecution presentation of evidence. The judge admonished local law enforcement officials for having brought the charges in the first place. Judge Spainhour stated that the entire process was a waste of taxpayer money.

    If the official transcript of the trial is reviewed, all of the allegations in this paper will be backed up by the information contained in the transcript.

    Subject: Important ruling on the right of bondsmen to enter a third party house
    Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 21:43:02 -0400

    NCBBA newsletter …

    As you will see in the news article below, all charges against Barry Hicks and Vinson Smith were dismissed in an Iredell County case that will have significant impact on how the court view the rights of bail bondsmen to apprehend fugitives. The most important part of the ruling was explained by Spainhour as he examined each charge and gave his reason for dismissing the charges.
    All of the dismissals hinged on the definition of the fugitive’s “residence”, and the Supreme Court case of State vs. Mathis. Spainhour compared the dictionary definition of residence and docimile. He said that a domicile is the place where a person intends to make a permanent residence in which to live or habitat. A residence is a place where an individual has the permission of the home owner or leasee to lay his head. Jamarr and Amber had both testified that Jamarr had stayed there multiple time in the recent past before the incident and that Amber knew that Jamarr was a fugitive. Jamarr even testified that Amber was his girlfriend. Jamarr also stayed with a friend named Jeff Smith. Jamarr claimed that his principle residence was at 113 Kiser Rd; however, his dad denied he had stayed there any in the recent past. In the testimony, Det. Reed with Statesville PD and DOI Investigator Tim Perdue admitted that the address listed on the warrant and the bond forfeiture, 113 Kiser Rd. was not Jamarr Scott’s residence. Both investigators had been to the residence and spoke with Jamarr’s father. I had also been to the Kiser Rd address. I went to 113 Kiser Rd. with the head of the Iredell County Warrant Squad, Barry Tiley, another deputy, and bondsman Don Caldwell. As you will see by the chronology of my search for Jamarr Scott, I went further and located the actual address where he was living.
    After the incident on 3/6/09, Det Reed contacted me and asked me about the incident. I told him about my thorough investigation and the individual that Jamarr had been running with, “John John” Davidison, had told me in front of a police officer that we knew Jamarr was living at 221 Clegg St. John John confirmed that he knew Jamarr had run from the house on two separate occasions when Smith and Don Caldwell went to search the location. One week before the incident, Jamarr and John John were at the bowling alley for poker night. The bartender called with the information that they were at the bowling alley. While five city police cars and sheriff cars were staging at the nearby motel to hit the bowling alley, Jamarr fled the scene. John John then talked to me and the police. There was never an effort by Perdue or Reed made to contact John John to confirm or discredit this information. John John had been reported as being with Jamarr on three different occasions in the week prior to the incident. Employees of the Kangaroo store near John John’s house knew both individuals well. We had left a copy of the wanted poster behind the register. They had called the police and myself three times and reported Jamarr and John John being in a green Jeep. Jamarr’s girlfriend from 221 Clegg St., Amber Comeau, was with them all three times. The store is near the edge of the city limits, and they were gone before the police arrived. All of this information would have been easy enough to confirm; however, Perdue and Reed would not have a reason to try to railroad Smith and myself.
    Where Perdue and Reed went completely overboard was when they began to testify in an attempt to railroad Smith and myself. Both individuals could not give dates of interviews and meetings that they had between themselves and with the assistant DA Cranford. Reed stated he called Perdue because he had known him from other investigations. Perdue perjured himself on the stand. He stated that he was certain that he was out of town on the day that he got the call from Reed on the day of the incident. He claimed to not have come to Iredell County to start his investigation until several days later. I knew this was a lie. I got a call while I was still at the hospital on the day of the incident less than two hours after the incident occurred. Smith called me and said that Tim Perdue was at the Iredell County Clerk of Court copying every file of Jamarr Scott’s arrest. This fact was further re-enforced after the trial was over. I went to the clerk’s office to pull another case file on which I was working. I got a big congratulations from many of the clerks. When I repeated the issue about Perdue lying on the stand, the clerk that I was speaking to did more than confirm that the Perdue did come into the clerk’s office that morning. She further stated that Perdue gloated and was very verbose in his visit to the office. He was speaking loudly and what she perceived as inappropriately about how he had us now and what he was going to do to us. She stated to me that it was to the point that she almost went up to him to tell him that his conversation was inappropriate for the office that he was in at the time. She didn’t say anything to him at the time.
    One other issue that neither Reed or Perdue were not able to give an adequate response to concerned the legal requirements needed to be charged with Felony B&E. In order to be charged with Felony B&E, the individual has to enter the residence with the intent of committing another felony. Neither Perdue nor Reed could state another felony that we intended to commit when we entered the residence. Reed just stammered “the breaking and entering – it’s a felony”. It is obvious that our only intention was to take the fugitive into custody. Smith had previously put Jamarr back in jail without assaulting him. Even though Jamarr had run on Smith before, he still bonded him out again on charges on which we were trying to apprehend him.

    • WOW this is a book. The problem for all of you guys is that you never went after these people from the NCDOI. in Federal Court under the 4th amendment section 1983. I am still running your comments. If anyone else has these same type of things happen to them I want to know. I have the attorney’s waiting for you and anyone else that wants to place this into the Federal Court System.

  14. After my case was over, I was still in town trying to meet with my attorney and trying to collect money from a bondsman that owed me $1500 for work I had done before surrendering my bail bonds license. I came out of my lawyer’s office across the street from the courthouse. Mickey Biggs was waiting for me to get into my vehicle and leave the area. I had not gotten three blocks from the parking lot when Mickey Biggs got behind me in his unmarked NCDOI state issued vehicle and turned on his blue lights that were concealed inside the car. As he would later tell the magistrate, I was going 20 mph and had not made any traffic violations. I pulled into a parking lot and cut my vehicle off. Biggs came to my vehicle and told me that I knew I was not supposed to be driving. He requested me to give him my drivers’ license. I complied and handed him my license. He returned to his car and within 30 seconds, I heard the siren of a Lumberton police car coming in our direction. Within a minute, the police car with blue lights arrived and stopped in the roadway. Biggs exited his vehicle and both men approached my vehicle. Biggs opened my car door and asked me to get out of my car. I got out of the car, hit the electric door lock button, and started to shut the car door. Biggs ordered me to not shut the door. Biggs then asked me to stand at the back of the car and asked the officer watch me. Biggs then proceeded to get into my car and search my car without even asking me for permission to search the car or showing me a search warrant to search the car. When he started to search the car, I took a step away from the car to more clearly see what he was doing. The police officer told me to stay where I was asked to stand. I asked the officer if Biggs had a right to do what he was doing without asking for my permission or getting a search warrant. The officer shrugged his shoulders and motioned with his head as if to say that the officer didn’t believe Biggs was going about searching my car legally. When Biggs exited my vehicle, he told me that he was placing me under arrest for DWLR.

    After the above event, Biggs placed me in his vehicle and transported me to the Robeson County Detention Center. On the way to the Detention Center, Biggs called to get the number of the highway patrol. He then called to attempt to get a patrolman to meet him at the Detention Center. Biggs explained that he needed to get the ticket written on an official ticket book so that it would go to NCDMV. Even though I had gone to every court date in my Robeson County Court cases for two years, Biggs asked the magistrate to put me on a secure bond because “Hicks missed court dates in Indiana and South Carolina”. Biggs really asked for a secure bond because Biggs wanted to be a jerk. This whole incident amounted to Biggs over stepping his authority, pulling me improperly, and violating my civil rights. I have many questions that need to be answered to determine how many laws Biggs violated during this incident.

    1) I did not violate any traffic laws. Was it legal for Biggs to pull me without violating any traffic laws? Biggs was pulling me because of knowledge that he had gathered from a report that he ran a week earlier. He did not have time to call in and find out if my license was still suspended. He kept referencing this report from a week earlier to the police officer that arrived on the scene and to the magistrate. Why did he not call to have my license run to make sure that the license was still suspended? Why did Biggs not follow me while calling for a police officer to make a legal road stop?
    2) Is it legal for Biggs to make traffic stops using his NCDOI state issued vehicle when the person has not violated any traffic laws? Biggs is supposed to wear two different hats. He is a NCDOI investigator and Biggs is also a Lumberton Auxiliary Police Officer. Has Biggs been using his NCDOI vehicle while working for the Lumberton Police Department? Doing so is a misappropriation of state issued equipment and is a definite violation of North Carolina law.
    3) When Biggs pulled me, I had already surrendered my NCDOI Bail Bonds License; therefore, Biggs did not have any NCDOI Investigative Authority over me since I was no longer a licensed bail bondsman. The magistrate has to input information about the person who is making an arrest into the chain of custody forms when the person is being surrendered into the detention center. When we were in front of the magistrate and the magistrate asked Biggs what information category his authority was listed in the system. Biggs told him that his license was under the category of OTHER then subcategory NCDOI then subcategory INVESTIGATOR. This told me that he was performing this incident under the auspice of being a NCDOI Investigator; however, he had no legal authority granted to him through his license as a NCDOI Investigator over a private citizen authorizing Biggs to make an arrest in a traffic case that in no way is related to a NCDOI issue. Why did Biggs not follow me and call a police officer to make the traffic stop? Why did Biggs not ask the officer who responded to the scene of the incident to issue the traffic citation to me at the scene or escort Biggs to the jail to complete the process at the jail. As it turns out, Biggs could not get a highway patrolman to come to the detention center to issue me the traffic citation; therefore, he waited until he spotted an officer that was friendly to him to fill out a traffic citation charging me in the incident and Biggs signed off as the complainant on the citation. This officer had never met me, the officer was not at the scene, and had no knowledge of the incident other than what Biggs had told him.
    4) Why does Mickey Biggs have a blue light in his NCDOI state issued vehicle? Are blue lights standard issued for NCDOI Investigator state issued vehicles? Does Mickey Biggs need a blue light in his NCDOI state issued vehicle to perform work as an Lumberton Auxiliary Police Officer?

  15. Mickey Biggs did not waste any time showing his true arrogance after my district court case was completed. I was across the street from the Robeson County Courthouse visiting JW Jacobs, owner of C 4 U Bail Bonding. Mickey Biggs put his head in the door and asked Jacobs to come outside and talk to him. When Jacobs returned inside, Jacobs told me that Biggs had told him that he was not to communicate with me in any manner whatsoever or that his license would be in jeopardy. Jacobs has been a friend that I met through my bail bonding work in the Robeson County area. I have never worked for Jacobs or had Jacobs do any work for me in the past; however, Biggs feels that his position as a NCDOI Investigator gives him the right to intimidate and threaten any bondsmen without knowing the facts surrounding their business and personal relationships. I consider Jacobs a friend and Biggs has no right whatsoever telling Jacobs who he can or cannot have as a friend. How arrogant can a person get? Jacobs is not the only victim of Biggs’ crusade to inflict pain and suffering in my life.

    Prior to my surrendering my bail bonds license, I had been doing a lot of work taking care of bond forfeitures for Meekins Bail Bonding. I had spent one and a half months taking care of $25,500. My being coerced into remanding my cases to district court and surrendering my license ended my ability to file any more paperwork on bond forfeitures for Tina Meekins; however, she still owed me over $1500 for work that I had completed for her prior to surrendering my license. Mickey Biggs called Tina Meekins and threatened Tina with the administrative action and the loss of her bail bonds license if she had any communications with me whatsoever. Biggs’ brazen arrogant actions crosses the line into being criminal in nature. Biggs is trying to be the enforcer, judge, juror, and executioner all in one. Biggs is definitely abusing the power of his authority for the position to which he is hired at the NCDOI. Biggs cannot legally threaten a bondsman with the loss of their license for paying a debt that was performed for that bondsman. Biggs even went to Meekins home and confronted her and reaffirmed the threat that he had previously made concerning taking her bail bonds license. This is evident by the text messages and e-mails that we have exchanged recently.

    Sat 3/10/12 11:11 AM
    FWD: I need you to call me about payment arrangements for all of the forfeitures i emailed you that i took care of for you

    Mon 3/12/12 9:52 PM
    FWD: Tina it is urgent i get some some money call me

    Mon 3/12/12 11:23 PM
    FWD: Barry ,Micky Biggs has been in contact with me and has explained to me that I am to have no contact with you…I’m sorry….for the situation ….but I’v

    Mon 3/12/12 11:24 PM
    FWD: e basically been warned Micky Biggs doesn’t make idle threats…the entire situation has me uncomfortable

    Mon 3/12/12 11:32 PM
    FWD: This is money you owed for work I did before losing license I will make that clear on receipts I need the money you owe for 2 months work I’m coming to see you tomorrow We’ve got to get this settled

    Sat 3/17/12 12:19 PM
    FWD: Mickey came by the office

  16. Great site for exposure. Look in to something called the lottery bond in Brunswick County. I hear the Powells forwarded millions dollars of collateral outside of NC and in to an interest bearing account. A no no as collateral MUST be held in a NC bank non interest bearing. Also check on whether or not money was returned in 72 hours under the law at that time it is a felony otherwise. Department has always let a few bondsmen that support Godwin get by with anything. Others like Hicks and DNA suffer. But it is my thoughts a complaint was filed against a drug dealer bail agent or ones who wrote this bond and swept under rug. Thank you for making everyone equal Ron. I will not vote for Godwin again.

  17. Good job creating a forum. I have seen many people complain about this Raleigh good Ole boy Mafia. Not just who you know up there but who you pay or buy off. These bond agents not getting regulation is a case in point. This goes to show as our morals go everything else fails. George Wayne Goodwin has a seedy reputation. He needs to be retired along with many more in his office.

    • Thank you for your comments. I already have been told to mind my own business. Well I am making anything to do with improper business dealing’s associated with a state regulatory office my business from here on out. If anyone doesn’t like it tough. I am asking for any story of fact from anyone and it will be posted. Ron

  18. Mr. Ronald I do not know exactly what Mr. V started or if he is friends with Wayne.
    I do know that Mr. V has been operating illegally for years and Wayne never does anything despite many complaints. It is common knowledge that Mr. V has either committed or encouraged fraud among “his” agents most of whom hold a license. Nothing ever happens to them despite many complaints. There seems to be much information that Mr. V attempted to defraud investors in a scheme to open an insurance company. Rumor has it he was discovered by investors and went in another direction. Good information I have seen shows he conspired with some others who may have actually found another or other investors. I have been tracking this gang and found Mr. V’s usual agents writing mainly for one company that begun over a year ago. There is more rumor and cause to believe very close acquaintances of Wayne are benefitting and have hidden their interest in this company due to some ethics issue or a law that says attorneys and spouses can not be involved in bail. Mr. V owes a bunch of premiums to some insurers from when he had a license. Maybe Wayne is benefitting too? But what the heck. When you have powerful friends who look the other way you can become superman or, the invisible man.

  19. Ok. Story? Well here is at rue story.
    There once was a department called DOI.
    It lived in a building called Dobbs.
    It was delegated to grant licenses in the insurance industry and regulate many people who held licensees, been bail bond agents and insurers engaged in bail bonds.
    Among other things, DOI was delegated to weed out, investigate, and arrest those that operate without a license.
    It allowed a corrupt unlicensed man to operate with licensees.
    Today this corrupt unlicensed man owns an insurance company with many licensees.
    This corrupt unlicensed man, disqualified from being licensed, collects hundreds of thousands of dollars from agents that are unknowingly in business with a criminal.
    How can this be? A senior deputy commissioner, known for breaking laws himself, was put over this corrupt unlicensed, and disqualified man and……….the senior deputy commissioner has asked for a job from the unlicensed corrupt disqualified man, to be in place, after the senior deputy commissioner retires. Good story or bad story. You decide but if you are the senior deputy commissioner who has said “I’m off the clock and drove 2 hours to see you. I have been in government for a long time, too long now. I have made lots of contacts and made many connections. You guys make a lot of money. I need to go in the private sector in the next few years after I retire. It is time for me to make some real money” …..then all this you have read is the perfect story.