Do you realize that the FDA can single handed end price gouging of drugs?  My questions are very simple, and they are….WHY?   Why are you not performing your jobs of protecting the american public? You are the regulatory body in charge of this are you not?

Your department “the FDA’ has no problem being funded by my tax dollar do you? Are your Deputy Commissioners of the FDA being paid off with that cushy job at the pharmaceutical companies just like the Deputy Commissioners of Insurance here in North Carolina Department of Insurance. Like getting that cushy job after you can no longer change any more rules and laws in the favor of the insurance companies.

GREED…GREED…GREED.   How much money is enough?   Turing Pharmaceuticals acquired the rights to Daraprim, a treatment for a parasitic disease especially threatening the lives of the HIV and Cancer patients. The pills went from $ 13.50 a pill to $ 750.00. That my dear friends is over 5,000% mark up.

I can go on and on and on with these pills and price gouging. OK I can’t hold back I have to do a few more….  Valent Pharmaceuticals raised prices on two of it’s vital drugs for heart medicines over 2,000%

I understand that these companies need to make a dollar but I think that everyone needs to look at just whom is buying these drugs….The older people, that’s who. Most of these people are retired. Well not anymore they must go out and find a job just to pay for their medications. Or their elderly spouses.

But this can be stopped…all the FDA has to do is their damn jobs of protecting the public from large corporations such as these.