I have had several people email me about the outright abuse of the Bail Bonding Insurance field. On both ends of this field. From the North Carolina Department Of Insurance not following thru on their investigations after people have complained in writing, even after several years of knowing about the offences. To other Bail Bonds people complaining on each other for competitive reasons. Talk about needing a marshal in town to clean up this mess.

This is what I have come up with as the truth as a collective.

The North Carolina Department of Insurance is NOT doing there job on the financial ends of these Bail Bond companies. Second. I have found that several of these companies do not list all of there income associated with business. Of which they would and should not be surprised to see an IRS Auditor show up and demand to see there records because the North Carolina Department of Insurance has not been enforcing the rules as stated.

I will forward all records to the respective investigating body’s that should do the inquires.

I am and will from now on look for corruption and abuse of our state governmental bodies. I am a product of these abuses. So let it be known from now and forever that I will take these people that are abusing us as citizens and our tax dollars. To what ever court that I can find. Weather it is the court of public opinion and or thru the judicial system comes what may.

There needs to be more regulation into and on Bail Bondsman. People can blame me or whom ever they like but this lawlessness must stop on both ends because people like me will be watching.


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I am a man that is hell bent in changing the way insurance companies treat us and changing the NCDOI. He is a proud fighter against government waste, fraud, and abuse and the founder of the North Carolina Advocate magazine.


  1. Good article Ron. Here is what has happened.
    Regulation in the bail industry has become all but non existent under Wayne Goodwin.
    Such has led to massive corruption throughout the 100 counties. By Goodwin failing to do his job, you have criminal enterprises springing up. Muscle men, bag men, and con men acting on the surface as business men rule areas or sections of our state. What makes things so bad is that bail bonds people have the authority to arrest, detain, carry firearms and handcuffs, and have badges. Unregulated one could only imagine the wrongs that might could occur. Huh? Well they are. They have been reported and well documented all throughout this state. Taxes not being paid on premiums. Not reported on income. Fraud perpetrated against taxpayers by motions filed on bond judgments that SHOULD NOT have been filed due to fraudulent or criminally created documentation being used as exhibits. Example, someone posted a text message on here somewhere. That is floating around and is common knowledge that fraud occurred as a conspiracy in between members of a huge known crime gang operating in this very state. But that is only one example. Those who complain are threatened, lied on and pointed to as “complainers” and while being literally slandered and libeled against by these thugs that have now become loud and relevant through close friends of Wayne Goodwin. Nothing is getting done. Nothing ever gets done. Law enforcement usually gets a report or forwards a report of a crime to the NCDOI thinking that the regulator of bondsmen is like the regulator over attorneys – supposed to do its job and while cases get cold and nothing ever happens. The Sheriff of Union County can tell you about this. Convicted felons and drug dealers run highly lucrative and profitable bail bonding operations in our state courtesy of the inactions of our Commissioner of Insurance. Hard to believe. The legitimate offices and operators only want to be treated fairly and for the laws that apply to be enforced. They want a level playing field. But that is not happening under our Commisioner of Insurance. Why? Look at his campaign contributions. These bail criminals need insurance and hold contracts with large insurers. Guess who these large insurers support. Thanks Ron for standing up and for the voice. One man can make a difference.

    • Thank you for your comments. I will stand up for all people in this state because our regulatory body is not under any circumstances doing its job unless that criminal investigators and commissioner and deputy commissioners are being threatened by someone like me. I cannot be bought off by no amount of money so where does that leave the commissioners and deputy commissioners?