It seems that abuse of power and just general corruption as a whole has been going on for a long while here in North Carolina under the direction of Wayne Goodwin and his Raleigh Mafia. This time the abuse of a criminal investigator Mickey Biggs. Since 2011. REALLY? And these charges against Niki Daniels of Smithfield, North Carolina have not come in front of a jury YET?  Talk about abuse of power and political corruption.

Hell a murder trial only takes 2 years in the court system here in North Carolina.

That’s 5 years of legal maneuvering by the North Carolina Department of Insurance. Wait a minute I thought that 3 years the statute of limitations was up?

Talk about a need for a Federal Lawsuit against the people involved here. I have the attorney’s that would live to file on this one, so let me know, and I will put you guys in touch with each other.

And people from the North Carolina Department of Insurance are telling me that they have there problems, but it ain’t that bad. REALLY? You have disrupted these peoples lives for 5 years and these charges have not been heard in front of a JURY yet for 5 years? ¬†5 YEARS!!!

Now remember people we don’t have any corruption in this state !!!!


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