Do any of you people that is not involved with bail bonds know who and what and how Bail Bonds works? I have gotten the real experience to this thanks to the corruption that is going on at the North Carolina Department of Insurance. WHY DO YOU CARE? You should, someone that you know may get thrown in jail and you may need to get them out. That is if you care about anything and or anybody.

I am going to assume that you don’t so here it goes….

Let’s just say that you drank too much and was pulled over for DWI and got your butt thrown into jail. Now you need to get out so that you are not rotting in jail. There are two things here.

ADMINISTRATION RELEASE…..this is where the magistrate has you sign a bond for up to say $ 10,000 for your own well being. These will be applied if you do not have a history of being arrested before. You are swearing under oath that you will appear in court by yourself to answer any and all charges. These sheriff departments do not make this easy for someone.

POSTING BAIL WITH AN AGENT…..Let’s say that you have to get someone out of jail that the magistrate or judge is requiring a ” guaranteed bond ” This means that you have to pay some money to the bond agent to post a higher bond to get out of jail.

Let me break this down for you. The agent goes to there bonding company and get the bond. This is called “PAPER BOND” then the Agent has the person pay up to 15% of the bond amount.  The bonding company gets usually 2% and the agent gets the rest.

If your bond is say $ 100,000. Then you will have to pay up to $ 15,000 in cash to get out of jail. This money is not returned to you. The bonding company gets $ 2,000. and the Agent get’s to pocket the $ 13,000.

Do you know understand why there needs to be real leadership at our Department of Insurance. When people can make this king of money on the miss fortune of others some people will do what ever they can to get this kind of cash in there hands.

In my case I was lucky to where the judge allowed me out on Administrative Release. It still cost me $ 2,500 cash to the attorney to go in front of the judge and swear that I was wrongfully incarcerated.  My bond was $ 540,000. Try that one on for size.


  1. Hello Ron. You are a man on a mission indeed and this is a great place to expose corruption at the NCDOI. You need to investigate complaints that are forever being rerouted to the back of the cabinet or disavowed altogether. In Pitt County 10 years ago a Diamond State agent committed $100,000 in fraud that WAS documented in Pitt County through an OFA which generated a Bond Forfeiture Notice. The forfeiture is under Jaimy Garza and the matter which should have been handled swiftly was assigned to Shayne Guyant’s division. It was swept away and tucked under the dirty Dobbs rug.
    But this is not the first and certainty not the last. There are convicted felons that have gotten pretty wealthy in this bail business. Look for a letter to our commissioner from those that used to work for Commissioner Long. The letter spelled out the corruption that is allowed under Commissioner Goodwin. John Brimm and Larry Reaves spent many days and hours alerting the NCDOI what was going on and what would be happening. Today these bail operators have grown quite large devoid of regulation. Imagine the mafia without regulation. You have the picture. That is the state of bail in North Carolina today thanks to Wayne Goodwin. By the way, I would get a printout from the Board of Elections and determine how much in campaign contributions Commissioner Goodwin has been paid from some of the bail insurance companies and their agents(usually where it comes through) and reconcile with the dirt. I will post if you agree to scan copies of documents that you may wish to make public in the next 30 days. I believe you will be highly interested as will the public when you see what has been going on. Goes like this “Hi Sheriff X or school board attorney Y- I am CID investigator Z with the NCDOI. I hear you have a complaint on a bail agent. Now you know I am a sworn law enforcement officer representing the Commissioner of Insurance. Let me have all you have received and our department will handle this.” Any overworked under budgeted law enforcement department would welcome the help and often does. The problem. NOTHING ever happens to the corrupt agent. The Dobbs dirt piles up.

  2. Dear Mr. Ron, This is a really good site. Thank you for allowing men to post my concern. You need to get DOI’s file on a settlement. The players are Rockford Cohen, Doi, NCBAA and Wayne Goodwin. You will see DOI and others trying to create a monopoly if they give you all documents in the lawsuit settlement.

  3. Well good thing a Mr. Valentine had not gotten to your judge. You would not have gotten out without greasing a shady agent owned by Valentine. The Godfather and his “Fixer” are controlling the Department of Insurance and have those people up there scared or in his pocket. I thought John “the Don” Gotti was bad until I learned of Valentine. Slapping folks around and talking down to poor people. Extortion to racketeering and loansharking it’s all in his game. Complain to Insurance Department and you are scared away or investigated yourself. Godfather Carl controls bail and he will come to a jail near you if he is not already there. Thanks to Wayne Good Win. No law or order. Just Valentines rules while he sits back with cigars and watching the Godfather. Think I’m not serious. These guys create fraudulent documents. Mike the fixer Schon handles those. Rumor has it these men can fix anything. If the money is right.

  4. So true. We all ain’t judged by the same rules in Wayne’s world I hear protesters are being assembled and a Favebook site is coming. Ready to go to the insurance department to protest unequal treatments.
    Yes sir. Praise Jesus. Black lives and professions matter!