I don’t know if anyone has been paying attention to Farm Bureau here in North Carolina. You do know that there is a new company for every state with Farm Bureau don’t you? Why does interstate insurance companies do this?

Several reasons that you may want to know before you can or should not in this incidence buy Farm Bureau insurance. One so that the insurance can hide monies and not have to report just how much monies that the whole of Farm Bureau has made. This is called legal tax evasion.

Next the claims adjusters are not out their for you, the policy holder, they are out there only for the insurance companies. The less that they can get you paid out on claims is where they get bonuses. I have seen this many times on my dealings with Farm Bureau Adjusters and the company itself.

Finally these companies hid out not paying taxes, legally. Yet you and I cannot hide from the state and federal taxes. Why is this? I’ll tell you why. Because this insurance company in the state OF North Carolina have too many bought and paid for politicians. Let alone all of the people like Wayne Goodwin that is bought and paid for by this company at the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

It’s not hard to figure this out, all you have to do is deal with the attorney’s that represent this insurance company in Charlotte. They will personally attack you to try and discredit you, and or say that you are committing insurance fraud and try to get criminal charges assessed against you thru the North Carolina Department of Insurance, if you stand up to Farm Bureau.

Yet no one has stood up to these blatant bad faith claims handling. Why? That is easy again. The North Carolina Department of Insurance will brow beat attorney’s into not representing you and me against the insurance companies and against the Department of Insurance. I had to go thru over 500 attorney’s before I found one that was not afraid of the Raleigh Mafia.

PEOPLE you have a choice here….DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BUY FARM BUREAU INSURANCE…..Go with a company that does not use agents like AMICA.


I am a man that is hell bent in changing the way insurance companies treat us and changing the NCDOI. He is a proud fighter against government waste, fraud, and abuse and the founder of the North Carolina Advocate magazine.