Let say that you want to place a claim against your insurance that you feel that they should pay you for. For this purpose let’s say it is against the home insurance policy. Several things need to be thought of first.

  1. Should you call the insurance company and report the problem…..If you call the insurance company and discuss anything other than your bill, no matter what, the insurance company calls this a claim. “illegally mind you”. Next is there enough damage to call the insurance company to begin with? Do you know what your deductible is ? Is the damage more than your deductible ?
  2. On this problem it is roof shingles that have been blown off. So you call it in.
  3. The insurance companies call out their insurance adjusters. The insurance adjusters call you and set up an appointment with you, for you to be present or have your contractor meet the adjuster.
  4. The insurance adjuster comes out to your home and looks at the damage. First things first. This adjuster is not there for you, he or she is there for the insurance company only !!!! Legally the insurance company in the state of North Carolina can have an unlicensed person inspect your roof. How is this possible you ask ? It is because the insurance company has had their way with the laws in this state. Everyone else in this state has to be licensed in this state except for roof inspectors.
  5. No matter what happens you as the homeowners are not protected unless you as the homeowners have your own professional to represent you. ¬† ¬†CONTINUED ON NEXT POST……………..