Picking up where I left off on Claim Process 2.

Getting an attorney involved? I want everyone to know that the insurance companies have set up their claims processes, to intentionally pay you 40% less than what it will take to actually get a licensed and insured contractor on your property on each and every legal claim that they process on you. Why ?

Because the insurance companies have figured out that it is cheaper for them to have attorney’s defend them against you on any claim. All you have to do is LOOK UP ALLSTATE AND THE MAC KENSIE DOCUMENTS online. It is all a matter of monies spent.

The insurance companies do not care about their relationship with you, after you have made a legal claim that they now must defend themselves on. Now you, as their policy holder, are now a liability rather than an asset. This is just the way the bean counters have gotten this set up. It is and will always be about the amount of money that they keep and not pay out on claims so the the multi-million dollar CEO’S and COO’S get more money in their respective pockets.

This is the way it is. I have been involved into at least 10,000 claims on homes alone to see first hand how the insurance companies work.

Do what you would do if you are involved with the insurance companies if you are involved in a traffic accident and their were injuries. Get the attorney from the very beginning, of coarse after the insurance companies fail to act properly from the first visit.