If you are involved in more than just a fender bender in a parking lot somewhere you will need an attorney. Be prepared to pay them. If you do not have money set aside somewhere, you will not be able to defend yourself properly. Just remember that the insurance company will always have an attorney.

If the insurance company pays out on any claim that they can say is your fault. The insurance company will send an attorney after you to recover the amount plus attorney fees from you. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION HERE !

The only way to counter this and not have a judgment against you, is to have your own attorney to defend you. The insurance company that you have insurance with on your car only cares for it’s own liability and that is it.

I have had a person run a red light and totaled my wife’s car. We have AMICA and the other person had ALLSTATE. This process dragged on for almost two years because ALLSTATE did nt want to pay properly to my wife. AMICA paid for my wife’s car, but would not pay for her being hurt and the medical bills. So we had to go after ALLSTATE for those.

You MUST HAVE AN ATTORNEY to have your back. If not it WILL cost you in the long run. All you have to do is find an attorney to represent you prior to anything happening to you. It’s called having an attorney on retainer. Do what I tell you to do here, you will thank me for it later.

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