CORRUPTION. CORRUPTION. CORRUPTION……..It never ends at the North Carolina Department of Insurance….. and what should really concern everyone out there is that this corruption is being done with the known permission of the North Carolina Department of Insurance and multiple Deputy Commissioners, that actually know about these ongoing, law breaking acts. And these same Deputy Commissioners have done absolutely nothing to stop it, and even encouraged it, even though they know of these acts by other people making written complaints to the Department of Insurance.

I am in reference to Premier Judicial Consultants, LLC. Who by the way owns 100% of Cannon Surety, LLC.

Understand that all ownership must be disclosed to the North Carolina Department of Insurance. This is known in North Carolina General Statutes 58-71. Since all Insurance companies doing business in the realm of Bail Bond Insurance must be approved and monitored by the Captive Insurance Division of the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

Thru an actual copy of the Premier Judicial Consultants LLC’S Operating Agreement dated October, 30, 2014 it shows four names on this agreement. From top to bottom C. Robert Brawley, Dallas McClain, Lyne Thompson, and Carl Valentine.

Carl Valentine has been DISQUALIFIED to own and or operate an insurance company and or AGENCY in Virginia and North Carolina. Yet, this company is still able to operate under these pretenses.

I want to ask several questions here.

1.) How is this possible ” North Carolina Department of Insurance” when this is directly against NCGS 58-71.

2.)  Dallas McClain is and was appointed by the Commissioner of Insurance Wayne Goodwin to be an instructor of Bail Bonds. This man filed falsified documents with the NCDOI and is still allowed to retain his license with this state.

3.) Why have there not been any investigations into these complaints against Dallas McClain and Carl Valentine going back to 2005. Deputy Commissioners Tom West, David Boone, Denise Stanford have had direct knowledge of these actions. I have the internal emails to prove these statements.

This is part 1 more to come on this……

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I am a man that is hell bent in changing the way insurance companies treat us and changing the NCDOI. He is a proud fighter against government waste, fraud, and abuse and the founder of the North Carolina Advocate magazine.


  1. Posted: Saturday, July 4, 2015 5:30 am
    By Danielle Battaglia/News & Record
    Danielle Battaglia
    Posted on Jul 4, 2015by Danielle Battaglia
    GREENSBORO — State officials are being coy about what could happen to the licenses of bondsmen throughout North Carolina after a Union County bondsman and Greensboro teacher found himself needing bail last month.
    Charles Timothy Mathis, 49, faces felony charges of falsifying documents, obtaining property by false pretense and accessing government computers.

    Mathis said the charges are rooted in competitor jealousy and that he plans to plead not guilty Monday.
    “I think you’ll see these charges going away fairly quickly,” he said. “Most of them are bogus.”
    Greensboro area bondsmen know Mathis because he is one of a handful of instructors across the state certified to teach the 12 hours of classes required by state law to obtain a bail bondsman license.
    Mathis, a bondsman of 19 years, hasn’t lost his certification to teach.
    The N.C. Bail Academy, where Mathis works with a partner, held a class in Greensboro on Tuesday.
    “I have students from all over the state,” Mathis said. “I’ve told them all I’ve been arrested.”
    The N.C. Department of Insurance, the agency that issues both certificates to teach and licenses to bail bondsmen, has scheduled an administrative hearing on Sept. 2 to discuss whether to revoke Mathis’ license.
    If the agency does revoke his license, it’s not clear what effect that would have on students currently taking his classes.
    “We can’t speculate on the outcome and potential effects of the hearing,” said Kerry Hall, a spokeswoman for the state insurance department.
    According to court documents, the N.C. Department of Insurance alleges that Mathis falsified information by not documenting or reporting the date a bond was issued, the principal sum of the bond, which state or local officials authorized the bond and the fee charged for bonding services for 19 defendants between December 2008 and July 2014.
    The indictment accuses Mathis of purposefully failing to report numerous bonds he had issued and for issuing bonds above his legal limit.
    Each bondsman is issued a different limit by state regulators.
    Mathis said the accusations that he used a state computer “will never stick.
    “I send all my reports by email,” Mathis said. “That’s not a state computer, that’s a server, so you won’t get anything on that, either.”
    Mathis is scheduled to appear on the charges Monday in Union County Superior Court .
    “It’s going to go away either by not guilty or a voluntary dismissal,” he said.
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  2. Everyone is entitled to a presumption of innocence until being proven guilty. That is the cornerstone of the American Foundation of Justice.
    Certainly anyone could make a claim for anything and defame a person these days. Mathis’ allegations made against others often daily are a testament to this.
    But the Mathis’ case is in two parts and has not only criminal charges but a regulatory administrative hearing involved. Looks like Ron may have been charged wrongly. That happens at NCDOI and in our court system occasionally. And that is a horse of a different color. I assure you.
    So hold on before claiming that is the case with Charles T. Mathis. There exists documentation, a letter to be exact; an actual statement made by Mr. Mathis “admitting” to overwriting on his professional bail account. In other words he wrote on checks knowing that he did not have money in his bank account, to explain it in plain business English. Each count is a felony in the bail world. Mathis is an appointed instructor over bondsmen. He, as he said in his statement given to the Department of Insurance, “knew better.” But see for yourself. Write, email or contact Agent Services at NCDOI and request the public records in this matter and learn about what he pulled off, for yourself. And despite Mathis’ latest version of the “truth” look at the facts in his own words as given to the NCDOI. Hard to imagine this one “going away.”

  3. I am from Union County. I used to know this guy and thought he was pretty smart. Google his name and see how many pro se lawsuits he has issued. But I started listening to him. And I discovered he is pretty sharp and half of what he says is bull. His list of enemies grows weekly and he goes after every body. But I was not surprised that he committed fraud. May be it will go away. The sheriff says the case is solid. So I doubt it going away especially with all the folks Tim has p#%^d off.

  4. Good article. How could these folks have gotten by for so long?
    All one has to do is file an open or public records request on Carl Valentine in NC and Virginia.
    These folks and their friends operate off of threats and intimidation. They have been known to lie or take some truth and spin it into a half truth or to suit their purposes.
    With all they have gotten by with for so long, verified by records requests, one cannot help but wonder, what do they have on the Commissioner? First they are not black. If they were black everyone would be harassed and in jail. Dallas McClain, Lyne Thompson and Carl Valentine are ALL white. That means little until you look at the way the NCDOI has treated minority owned companies similarly situated. You could learn a lot about that. Wayne begs for the minority vote and yet turns his back on minority small business owners. No minority wants to be treated worse or better. They only seek fair and equal treatment. This gang you write about has been in business for awhile.
    They do as they please thanks to Wayne Goodwin and his administration. There is no equal justice at the NCDOI. And that is a fact. BLM should picker at the NCDOI. Black livelihoods matter too. Not about violence but peaceful protest and exposing NCDOI discrimination.

  5. Thompson, ah yes the old woman with 21 aliases and a 1984 outstanding warrant in Wake County. Mina Mustian.
    These are the 3 Thompson, McClain and Valentine … that have very little time in the bail industry but claim they know more than those with 30 years in bail. Funny. Looks like they are finally caught. Maybe their friend at DOI will be outed too. What of their attorney Bibbs? Multiple issues of drunk driving, review from the BAR and wearing an anklet testing for alcohol. Yet he drinks. Why is he not reported? Alas what of their VP…the anti tax Mathis. A million dollar judgement for tax evasion and multiple felony charges in Union County for falsifying his bail reports. He still teaches bail agents. Great role model. Interesting group of people. Yet they “know how it is all done.”

    • I hear things are coming there way and two newspapers and two news channels are doing stories on the bail bond industry.

  6. I heard Fox News is doing a story on this.
    A ground crew was in Winston Salem last week.
    Did not know there were so many others looking at it.
    These are the ones going around calling others crooks and swindlers. They point a finger with 3 more pointing back while assassinating people’s character.
    I hear that they took a 72-year old veteran for a lot of his retirement money. If they did this they need to pay. You have a good website and I thank you for sharing and your service to doing what is right.

  7. Ron Pierce, a man I do not know or never have met should be the Commissioner of Insurance.
    Look at all he has done.
    He is not bought and paid for.
    At his own expense he has created a forum to expose what appears to be a crook that we elected into office. Ron says what he believes and lets the rest of us join in.
    He is a stark contrast to this corrupt administrator that uses taxpayers funds to hide and help his small group of college friends. Thank God for Ron Pierce and the court of public opinion.
    Wayne’s World of corruption appears to be in the spotlight. It will go down.