CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION…….I think that we need to look at what some people would call the “LAW”. In this incidence, BAIL BOND LAW. North Carolina General Statutes 58-71-80…..Grounds for denial, suspension, probation, revocation, or non renewal of licenses…….

Now remember the people in question here, Dallas McClain, licensed instructor & agent, “must have license from Commissioner of Insurance”. Whom is also the president of Premier Judicial Consultants, LLC. Of which “solely owns”  CANNON SURETY. The second person in question here is, Carl Valentine, DISQUALIFIED to have a license here in North Carolina and Virginia. Who is part owner of Premier Judicial Consultants LLC. According to official documents owns 25% of Premier Judicial Consultants LLC. And whom is engaged with the actual business of Bail Bonding, supervising the agents and collecting monies.

Now let’s go back to what the law say’s. North Carolina General Statutes 58-71-80. These are VIOLATIONS of the law. Let’s look at Sub par. (3). Material misstatement, misrepresentation or fraud in obtaining the license. You lied in writing on your application and questionnaire to the North Carolina Department of Insurance on obtaining your license for Premier Judicial Consultants LLC. And ultimately Cannon Surety.

Let’s look at North Carolina General Statutes 58-71-80, sub chapter (13). “VIOLATIONS” “For entering into any business association or agreement with any person who is at that time found by the COMMISSIONER to be in violation of any of the bail bond laws of this state, or who has been in any manner disqualified under the bail bond laws of this state or any other state, whereby the person has any direct or indirect financial interest in the bail bond business of the licensee or applicant”.

Let’s look at sub chapter (14). For knowingly aiding or abetting others to evade or violate the provisions of this Article. ( 14 a)

I think that you should be able to get away with anything that the North Carolina Department of Insurance allows you to get away with, except I am wondering who and what you have on the Commissioner of Insurance Wayne Goodwin and his Deputy Commissioners that allows you to run an illegal business since the law requires you to report all transactions and report all monies and requires you at ask permission from the Department of Insurance do do anything.

The “CAPTIVE” section of the North Carolina Department of Insurance has known about this for quite some time, yet these acts of Bail Bonds are still being played out today as we speak.

This is just another example of the people at the North Carolina Department of Insurance. A “REGULATORY BODY” are using there positions to ignore actual law breakers, and use their positions to demand investigations into law abiding people who stand up to them and tell them to there faces that they are corrupt.  I stand firm on my convictions that we need new leadership at the Department Of Insurance and I will not stop my bringing to light the blatant disregard for our law when it is there job to uphold the laws of North Carolina.


  1. Good editorial. These con men you talk about could care less about laws. They have for awhile operated in the shadows and it now looks like Ron Pierce has shown a spotlight on them. They are like cockroaches scrambling and running in all directions when the light comes on. It now appears that they have bit off more than they can chew and are caught in their own web of lies. It will be hard to overcome those lies that are many and when you add defrauding folks well, that will be really hard to address. Dallas McClain works for Carl Valentine. Period. Carl Valentine was caught in Virginia and got a disqualification. Period. You cannot partner with Carl Valentine if you are a bail licensee. Period. This includes teachers in bail and those that own the school. Call Lenwood Bennette at Virginia DJS. He will tell you about Carl Valentine and the monies he owes. I have learned enough in Virginia and now I read there are problems in North Carolina. It seems like Carl Valentine has friends at your insurance department. Did he pay somebody off or just offer them a job He is good at promising jobs. Will Wayne Goodwin your commissioner break with the con men’s friends at his department and finally do what is right, like follow the law? It remains to be seen.

  2. It seems as if the North Carolina Department of Insurance under Wayne Goodwin is not doing its job. Instead of doing its job it has turned into an Obama-like administration while using its power to create its own corrupt agenda. Absolute power type deputy commissioners have been allowed to prey upon anyone they choose. Favors are given. Political contributions carry more weight than any law. This is crony capitalism at its worst. Consumers continue to be harmed while opponents and political enemies are targeted. Corruption grows while laws go unenforced. Abuse of power and malicious abuse of process will define Wayne Goodwin’s lawless administration. What a legacy.

  3. I think this site is a good place to expose some pilgrims.
    Looks like you are venting against the NCDOI. Good. But you will not get anywhere. You mention Carl Valentine? Be careful he is dangerous carries Guns and waves them around when he is upset.
    Angela Hatchell has protected Carl Valentine for years. She used to date him. May still be. Now he hangs out with a NCDOI supervisor named Ray that licenses insurance companies. Ray has some habit I hear. Not sure but I hear pills. Carl probably has Gudy supply them cause he sells fentanol.
    So Dallas McClain and Carl Valentine got a licensed insurance company named Cannon. Charles T. Mathis owns a share too. I have heard them speak of it. I have seen proof. Lyn Thompson is probably in there but I have not seen that proof. She owns a bail school and helps get agents for them. Sweet deal. But this guy Ray and Angela cover for them and this has been going on for a long time. Loretta Cole can tell you about Carl. Call her. She filed a complaint in Virginia and they ran Carl out of here. But he now found his home in the NCDOI and has 200 agents working for him. He owns Liberty Bail and All American and now has Piedmont and other companies. Looks to me like they are pushing some elderly guy off of their company and found another bondsman at Carolina Beach to go in with. I hear that Ray is going to work for them and protects them but don’t see how if he is with NCDOI. They are not paying taxes and have made a ton of money and I hear tell they bought a motel in Costa Rico. Charles is buying silver and copper and owes IRS a million dollars or more by now. So they cannot stay here. They say they plan to leave the US and manage the motel if Hillary goes in office. I believe Dallases girlfriend just went down there and got lipo. They are really bad people and getting NCDOI to do anything is impossible against them. But good luck trying. Check out a Senator or something named Tim Moore they say he is powerful and they own him.

  4. The story…

    Wednesday, two shocking videos of police officers fatally shooting civilians (Alton Sterling and Philando Castile) surfaced. The day before, many were appalled to hear the Director of the FBI announce that Hillary Clinton would not be charged for mishandling classified information. The two events may seem unrelated, but at bottom, they concern the same fundamental problem: impunity.
    Impunity is the essence of power. What, after all, is power? Is it simply the capacity to exert unjust force? The ability to impress one’s will upon the flesh or belongings of another? No, it’s more than that.
    Most anyone can wield unjust force. Anyone could walk out onto the street right now and exert their will on somebody weaker: say, pushing over an old lady or stealing candy from a baby. And the toughest, or most heavily-armed guy in town can strong-arm just about any other single person.
    But isolated incidents of aggression do not constitute power. The “reign” of the rogue rampager is generally short-lived. It only lasts until the community recognizes him as the menace to society that he is and neutralizes him.
    Power isn’t simply about the exertion of unjust force. It is about what happens next, after the exertion. Does the perpetrator generally get away with, or not? Systematically getting away with it – or impunity – is where power truly lies. And that is what makes agents of the State different from any other bully. State agents can violate rights with reliable impunity because a critical mass of the public considers the aggression of state agents to be exceptionally legitimate. Impunity is power, and as Lord Acton said, power corrupts.

    The Impunity of the Badge…

    State impunity is at the root of the problem of police violence. As agents of the exalted State, the police are seen as paladins of public order. The populace grants cops a special dispensation to commit violence that would be considered criminal if perpetrated by anybody else. This privilege is enshrined in law most clearly as the doctrine of “qualified immunity.” As Evan Bernick of the Institute for Justice wrote:
    In the 1967 case of Pierson v. Ray, the Supreme Court held that police officers sued for constitutional violations can raise ‘qualified immunity’ as a defense, and thereby escape paying out of their own pockets, even if they violated a person’s constitutional rights.
    When victims of police violence or their heirs seek redress and are awarded monetary payments, it is taxpayers, and not the cops, who pick up the tab. Police officers are rarely even prosecuted for violence inflicted while they’re on the clock. The worst that an offending officer can generally expect to face is getting fired, but he will more likely just get a paid suspension.
    Thus insulated from responsibility, officer treatment of “mundanes” is predictably often grossly irresponsible. Confident in being sheltered from consequences by their “blue privilege,” officers are far more prone to indulge in lethal cowardice: to place “officer safety” so far above civilian rights that they are willing to gun down a stranger at the slightest whiff of potential danger. Alton Sterling and Philando Castile each carried a gun, as they have the natural right to do. Neither threatened the officers with his weapon, or even brandished it. Yet in both cases, merely becoming aware of the guns sent a cop into a murderous panic. Both Sterling and Castile were fatally shot multiple times in the chest.

    The Impunity of High Office…

    State impunity not only corrupts the regime’s low-level enforcers, but its elite policy makers as well. The FBI let Hillary Clinton off the hook for secrecy violations she committed as Secretary of State, even though these were much more egregious than violations that have earned lower-level personnel decades in prison. She used technology that was more open to being compromised by spies and hackers, while at the same less open to legal and public scrutiny.
    But the kinds of activities she was hiding are far more criminal than the fact that she hid them. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton played a key role in bringing war to such places as Libya, Syria, and Honduras, and in escalating the war in Afghanistan. She is complicit in causing untold death and misery.
    Yet, thanks to her connections and her position in the state power apparatus, she faces no consequences for her crimes, and is free to acquire even more immunity and power as a likely President of the United States.
    It is the “sovereign immunity” she enjoys as an officeholder that has made Hillary Clinton so reckless and cavalier about the havoc she has wreaked around the world. If she thought she might ever be held accountable for upending entire countries, she would have likely been far less warlike in her policies.
    From policing to foreign policy, impunity corrupts, and absolute impunity corrupts absolutely.

    • I will allow this reply to become public for one very real reason and that is the american people are beginning to stand up and say we are not going to take this type of abuse any further.