Well let’s make it official. Just to point out facts here, you cannot fight corruption without breaking a few peoples bubble……. I have gotten some attention from Carl Valentine and Dallas McClain’s attorney to cease my articles about the blatant corruption at the North Carolina Department of Insurance and Premier Judicial Consultants.

What are you afraid of boy’s that I might finally bring to light the lies, your lies Mr. McClain, and corruption at the North Carolina Department of Insurance for ignoring complaints about you?

Let’s take this one step at a time to make sure that everyone knows the process and what’s happening here in North Carolina. Just to let everyone know that a “CAPTIVE INSURANCE” company and or agency has to have the permission of the Deputy Commissioners for everything that they do.

First, if you know people in the North Carolina Department of Insurance and you want to start a new company because the last few companies that you were involved with either didn’t work out or your partner Carl Valentine had is license revoked by the state of Virginia. Hence legal action was taken against Carl Valentine in accordance with the website of AGENT SERVICES of the North Carolina Department of Insurance in 2012.

So you file for a new company in this case it is “CANNON SURETY” and Premier Judicial Consultants in 2014. But this time you, Dallas McClain outright lied to the North Carolina Department of Insurance on your application for a Surety company and then hide behind this surety company by putting the complete ownership of this company into and under another company called Premier Judicial Consultants. I have the internal emails and records to prove these statements.

Just remember here boy’s if you want to bring suit against me, I get to make you swear under oath that you didn’t fill out these documents, and then swear under oath that you didn’t intentionally lie to the Department of Insurance. And since I do not believe that you will remember all the lies that you have told I get to swear out criminal complaints and demand an FBI Investigation into your actions since the Department of Insurance was involved. Since the Department of Insurance do not involve there selves with misdemeanors. If they cannot bring Felony Charges against someone they won’t waste there time. I have first hand knowledge of these.

So bring it on boy’s you have finally found a person that will call out the lies and corruption no matter where I find it. Good luck with your company’s staying afloat. Oh and by the way I already know of the other companies that you are running on the side.



  1. You are a man with guts Ron. These guys are Goodwin’s friends or friends of Goodwin’s friends. Hard to figure which. But they seem to have cart blance authority to do whatever the hell they please in the North Carolina insurance market. DO NOT REELECT WAYNE GOODWIN. A vote for him is a vote for a banana republic in the insurance arena.

  2. Is it true a supervisor at the insurance department is going to work for Carl Valentine’s company? That explains how he has gotten by for so long. The rest of us pay our taxes and play by the rules. He does neither. The insurance department should be accountable for all the wrong he has done. Unfair competition. Skin color? Jobs for insurance department guys? God don’t like ugly. Lol