I wanted to address the state of affairs with dealing with an attorney’s in today’s environment in North Carolina.

Everyone know’s an attorney. They need money just like everyone else. So you approach any of them with what you have said someone or some governmental office has in your mind done you wrong. Did they charge you $ 250.00 just to see you?

I have a couple of questions here. Did you take the time to research your problem before going to an attorney for advise? No? Let’s look at that for a moment. If you are willing to spend $ 5,000.00 to have someone research your problem, and then to have that attorney to tell you that you don’t have a case to begin with, just whom is stupid here? It surely is not the attorney, you just gave that attorney $ 5,000.00 for answers that the attorney probably already knows. So don’t blame that attorney for you just handing over your money. Take the time and do a little research on your own. It will save you a lot of time, money and head pounding against the wall.

OK, second question for you here. The case that you want to bring is legal, you have looked up all of the laws online and you were done wrong, what do you do next? For this example you want to bring suit against the state of North Carolina because you were done wrong. OK, are you able to get past the 11 Amendment of the constitution. I will not read you the 11 Amendment here. I actually want you to look it up. It was in your 4th grade of school. Well maybe the fifth grade.

SO. You can get past the 11 Amendment and you are searching for an attorney to handle your case. I have to say here and now that 99 % of the attorney’s will not represent you under any circumstances, why? Because of several reasons. One, this or that attorney doesn’t know how to handle the case to begin with. Second, the political fallout from that attorney taking your case will be “a lot”. Third, taking on the state government is not an easy thing to do. Who do you think will be defending the state? ” that is if Roy Cooper actually does his job” is the Attorney General’s Office. Yes you are taking on the North Carolina Department of Justice. You are going to take on the most experienced attorney’s in the state. Are you prepared for all of it? I doubt it.

There are several things that you are going to need. First, plenty of money. If you don’t have at least $ 50,000.00 to begin with, do not undertake this. You will still have only a 10% chance of winning and that is if the attorney actually knows what in the hell that they are doing. Two. Do all of your own research before you begin. Third. The tricks that these state attorney’s play and out and out illegal. Your whole life will be investigated. So make sure that you personally prepared for it. If you are doing anything that these attorney’s can find to make you look bad in front of a jury, they will. Forth, unless you can prove that you have had a financial loss, you will not win. Just some things to think about.