STATE FARM going to the Supreme Court to try and not pay the state of TEXAS and the people of TEXAS monies that are owed and won in the lower court’s. What is unclear is why the Supreme Court agreed to hear this case. STATE FARM has lost the case on a lower appeals court yet they want to take it ALL THE WAY.

This is a perfect example of how this insurance company can and will fight any and all who comes in there path instead of paying the policy holders what is rightfully owed to them by there insurer. This case it’s STATE FARM.

This is also just another example of an insurance company taking your’s and my money and not paying on legitimate clams from their homeowners. And there are a lot of other insurance companies doing this exact same thing. Please take the time to investigate your insurance companies before you plop down your hard earned money on policies that will not pay out when these insurance companies are required to.

These other companies are the likes of FARM BUREAU, ALLSTATE, NATIONWIDE, ERIE AND AUTO OWNERS and least we forget another wonderful company UNIVERSAL out of Florida.

Please stay away from these companies unless you have plenty of case to pay for your attorney to represent you in legal action against these same companies.