Donan Engineering. What does this company do, or I should say what does this company not do for you as a homeowner?

Insurance companies use engineers and their companies as a front to not pay you properly on any insurance claim. This is called FRAUD and is against the laws of this state. Look for reference for this and many more like it by going onto the internet and punching in lawsuits against STATE FARM, to the engineering firm HAAG Engineering that STATE FARM used in LA. and Mississippi to deny millions of dollars worth of claims.

I have in the past made written complaints against DONAN and their associate engineers to the Board of Professional Engineers here in North Carolina and was told by this board that if I didn’t have an Engineering degree, and license that I had no standing in this state against a licensed engineer.

Even though I proved that these engineers were being bought and sold by the insurance companies to wrongfully deny insurance claims. To the Board Of Professional Engineers it doesn’t matter even though in its charter as a BOARD is states that anyone can file a complaint. So this just means the same as the North Carolina Department of Insurance….ANYONE CAN COMPLAIN…THE BOARD JUST WILL NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

It seems obvious to me that our Boards in the state of North Carolina would rather not deal with a complaint rather then address the real problem of corruption itself. It isn’t just this Board it seems to be all of the so called professional boards. If you make a complaint to the board that board will say that it has done an investigation and then turn that complaint onto the complainer such as myself.

I after looking at approx. 25,000 roofs and have seen at least 100 different assessments and reports from DONAN Engineering. I can truly say I have NEVER SEEN even ONE report that was in the favor of the homeowners. It was always in favor of the insurance company of the claim and it was being denied against the homeowner. I can say without any doubt in my mind that this is a made up PONSI by the insurance companies. The North Carolina Department Of Justice, “ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE” should be looking into these companies like DONAN for criminal RICO charges, but they won’t, because they say that they are there to protect the public of North Carolina, but they are truly only there to protect the Department of Insurance.

A little Class Action Lawsuit should solve this problem though. If anyone out there is interested in this give me a ring or an email. I personally am tired of getting ripped off by people who are supposed to be licensed to protect the public but are selling out to the insurance companies.


  1. Please see my Facebook page David V Day, PE. I recently wrote a book, Defying The Odds. I took on the Texas Department of Insurance and got laws changed. I too have taken on Haag, Rimkus, Donan and others and have defeated them in court.

    • Well done. I am looking for a PE that can give good accurate roof inspections and then be ready to be a professional expert in court in North and South Carolina but no luck as of yet. If you know of anyone please let me know. I will look you up on Fasebook

  2. I’m VERY interested in talking to both of you! I’ve had Donan and Rimkus at my home and I’m in hell because of it! They are not doing your profession any justice at all and there is one particular engineer who is a disgrace to your profession. I would like to see them and specifically him taken down.. I’m sick every time I think about the fact I shook his hand.. Please contact me if you are willing to speak to me!

  3. I am in the process of doing an article on this subject with the help of FBIC to be a cover story on their new website and to use to build a case for attorney general, ic, and media all across the country. I am working with people all across the country to bring an end to this engineer – insurer corrupt relationship. This criminal organized crime relationship needs to end.

    Let’s talk.