The monies being paid to defend against my Federal lawsuit against the Commissioner of Insurance and 10 of the Deputy Commissioners is starting to mount and these monies are being paid for by the citizens of North Carolina.

Why is this so? Because the Department of Justice, normally known as the Attorney Generals Office is in charge of legally defending these lying crooks at the Department of Insurance. I am not referencing just one department there at the Department of Insurance. I am speaking of at least half of the departments their.

They are all not crooks up there in Raleigh. just certain individuals who probably at the beginning of their employment thought that they were doing their job, but now are all about the power of influence pedaling on finding a good paying job after these same individuals have changed all of the laws and procedures in the way that the insurance companies need for them to do, to make it hard for the citizens to protect themselves against the likes of big business.

Look at Dr. Robert Lission. He was Deputy Commissioner of Insurance with the Consumer Affairs Div. He left the Department of Insurance and went to work with AETNA Insurance company in Raleigh. Talk about selling all of the citizens of North Carolina out. But he is not the only one. There are plenty of the likes of Lission.

Can we as tax paying citizens not find people who want to do the governmental jobs correctly, and of coarse for the citizens that they are paid for by the tax dollars of North Carolina. I personally do not think so. These same power brokers and paid for politicians have our system so screwed up no normal person will be able to correct it.


  1. Look at a Senior Deputy Commissioner named Raymond Martinez. It now appears he licensed an insurance company that was not supposed to be licensed. Why? He was creating his next job. He said so himself. He should be fired and charged with aiding and abetting the 100 you wrote of who received letters from the NCDOI. Most of these agents did not realize they were engaged in illegal activity while forwarding premiums to a previously disqualified person. But two most certainly knew of the wrongdoing. Dallas McClain and his girlfriend Lyne Thompson. They attempted to do this with another company and got outed. Then they found another investor. Mr. Martinez, a Cuban-American, refused to do anything when he was told about this. It is all clear now. Book ’em Dano. He is at 8320 Harps Mill Rd., Raleigh NC 27615 or at least that is where his campaign contributions to Wayne Goodwin say he is at.