The North Carolina Department of Insurance Investigators are finally doing their jobs as it pertains to Carl Valentine and Cannon Surety in the Bail Bond business.

Over 100 Bail Bond Agents have gotten emails from Department of Insurance investigators demanding if any of these Agents have done business with Carl Valentine, Dallas McClain and Cannon Surety. Mainly any proof of checks with Carl Valentines name on them. I personally have seen two of them so lets see who is going to get caught up in this vendetta by the North Carolina Department of Insurance who knew of Carl Valentines involvement in Cannon Surety from 2014.

Now is this not ironic or what? The North Carolina Department of Insurance investigating what they were supposed to investigate two years ago and never did. Are you, Department Of Insurance INVESTIGATORS. Investigating Carl Valentine and Cannon Surety, or are you investigating yourselves? Come on fess up and for once tell the truth.

I personally believe that you are investigating these already known activities for a tried and true cover up by the Department of Insurance on what it has not done.

I feel that you again must realize that we the tax payers of North Carolina are paying your salaries and you work for us protecting our laws and way of life.

It is also obvious to me that you are only doing what you are forced to do and not what you are paid to do by we the people.

I have a question for you here….how much time and how much money are you going to spend on this so called investigation that we the citizens of North Carolina are paying for.

Since there is political ass to be saved here, to make it proper and correct, with this article, I am demanding an investigation into all of this by the State Bureau of Investigation. I want to see an honest to god investigation into all of this.



  1. Hi good site. I just saw where Wayne is corrupt.
    Voted for him for years. I will not vote for him anymore. Neither will my wife. He is a bad administrator and corrupt like all of the rest. Keep up the honest reporting. This gang he put in insurance are bad people that I learned about 3 years ago. Anti tax gang that hides a lot of cash. Headed by Charles Mathis and Valentine. Seedy nasty men. I can’t fathom why Wayne put them in insurance. Looks bad on our state. Wayne does need to go.

  2. I worked with these people. Do you really know what they do? Goodwin created them to work the polls and for activists for each county. They launder money. Look at the $25 million dollar bond in Reidsville last December. They got a million dollars and only gave the agent pennies. The money was laundered and they put the funds in a interest account. There is a attorney Mark Lenzie Bibbs that gets bags of cash for Wayne Godwin. That is what Carl Valentine told us. He brags he owns Wayne Godwin all around. But they do not pay taxes and their teacher VP Tim Mathis is anti tax. All the way. But they give cash bags to a bunch of guys. They are power brokers. Their supervisor Dallas McCain is a liar. I checked out some things he said and nothing is true. Software designer. Lol

    • I am looking to expose all of the corruption there in the Raleigh Mafia. But I need proof so that I can take it to the FBI. And finally make the FBI do their jobs. Any help along these lines will be accepted.

  3. Wayne Goodwin created this Frankenstein. He had his little helpers. They were attorneys and a lobbyist and Mark Edwards, a deputy commissioner. They appear to have done this as some sort of trade off. I would say for cash, an interest in the company, campaign contributions or to go away without making noise. It all stinks. But that is how these guys operate. And if you expose them look out. They will come after you, lie on you and attempt to paint you into a corner or a bad light. These are very crooked men. Roy Cooper’s office knows about this but is covering for them. Why is no one talking about Cooper, our AG? He is also running for Governor.

    • I have meet Roy Cooper at a political event…He lied to everyone there and I called him out on it. This guy does not represent anyone but himself, to himself, and beyond anyone except himself. Yes I will sign this….Ronald Pierce