At this point of this writing, July 8, 2016……. 5 police officers are dead with 12 people total injured….

What has this to do with my stance against corrupt governmental offices and the main reason for the existence of ” N C ADVOCATE ” ?  The people here were not involved with the wrongful taking of someones life or financial destruction of someones lives. So why were they targeted?

Do I condone this act of ambush ?….HELL NO. My heart goes out to these officers who were ambushed.  If you have a problem with someone be a man and stand up for what you believe in, but do it in accordance with the established law. If the law is not in place to handle it. Get a new law in place. Do not under any circumstance shoot someone because of what color they are. You cannot justify this in anyone’s mind.

Do I think that this will be the only time that this will happen ….No. Will this type of thing happen again in the future? I think that it will. Until there is real leadership in this country.

There is one real problem that we have in the UNITED STATES. Until all governmental offices and the people in those positions of responsibilities are held accountable for there actions or lack of actions, against the people that they are supposed to protect. The situation will not change. I truly believe that it will get worse.

But let’s try and learn from this and many others like it….the people, the general public is and are tired of the applied immunity to governmental offices and positions of people of power of those offices. To wrongfully shoot someone that is or has been or is being arrested. Or as what was done to me by the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

To bring false charges against me because they could not find any legal means to bring me down because I was showing the Department of Insurance that I was holding them accountable and responsible for there actions. Or in this case there lack of over site of the insurance companies as is and always was their job.

We need real leadership in this country. I hope that everyone reading this will apply some portion of this to thoughts today.