KERRY HALL the Director of Public Information in Raleigh was either let go or left because of all of the lies and corruption that is still going on at the North Carolina Department of Insurance. What’s the matter Wayne Goodwin? Are you trying to get rid of people before they have to be deposed in the lawsuits that are pending against you and your Deputy Commissioners? If so please get ride of a few more so that I can get them to tell the truth on you.

I have a couple of questions for you here Wayne…..Do you think people like myself are not going to keep going at the truth until you either quite your post or you are brought up on corruption charges and forced to retire? I think not, I personally want you to stay in office so that I may have my day in Federal Court with you and your cronies……. my next question is this….How many more lies are you going to tell to cover up the thousands that you and Hatchell, Shigley and the rest of your cronies have told.

The T.V. Stations know about your corruption now, and I know of at least two stations that are doing investigations into yours and your Deputies actions, or for a better way of saying it inactions against your buddies that are and have broken the law. These stories will be broadcasted right after the games in RIO from what I am told.

This seems to be a pattern of yours Wayne. Your employees are leaving you one way or another. Anne M. Garmon left your employment, after only one month after she filed 108 false charges against me and became a full time instructor here in Charlotte at CPCC. In criminal justice no less. Ok everyone if you want to learn how to file false charges against someone, sign up and take some classes from Anne M. Garmon at CPCC.

Just remember when you see the reports on T.V. you can tell everyone I told you so first.