Well an audit was performed on Premier Judicial and Cannon Surety by the North Carolina Department of Insurance in July 2016. It seems that a little information was released that proves that the NCDOI knew that Carl Valentine was and did not have a valid insurance license. Yet was illegally doing business in a Bail Bond Surety company and with 3 three other people who are all licensed as Bail Bond Agents.

The fact that an account found and was still active in Carl Valentines name was discovered still on the books yet no contracts with agents were filed. This people, was and still is illegal.  It is also illegal for licensed Bail Bond Agents to do business with unlicensed ones.

This also proves that the NCDOI has covered these facts up for the past two years with the help of Wayne Goodwin and his buddy, and attorney, Mark Bibbs who supposedly represents Carl Valentine and Cannon Surety. I have a letter of cease and desist from Mark Bibbs to make me stop writing articles about their dealings  to prove it.

My next questions are general in nature…..When is the NCDOI going to bring criminal charges against Carl Valentine and Dallas McClain for their illegal activities in the business of Bail Bonds. My next question is for the FBI….when are you finally going to do an investigation into the corruption at the North Carolina Department of Insurance and Wayne Goodwin for bribery and corruption.

We as tax paying citizens are waiting !!!!!!!


  1. Mr. Ron, you forgot 1. Lyne Thompson. You can’t get Carl without dinging Dallas, and Lyne or Mina Mustian or any of her other aliases. They are a trio.

  2. Good point and a great site. This lady you are talking about, she appears and disappears like a magician. Someone needs to look into her civil filings and run down a long list of aliases she has been using. You have to wonder why someone would have so many names. She too has been in business with and promoting a disqualified individual. I hear that some are waiting on a lawsuit so that the “trio’s” financials and tax documents could be subpoenaed. In the essence of transparency all things need to be made public. Thank you for your service Ron. And thank you for taking the time to give others a voice. The Department under Wayne Goodwin has done far less than you at listening to the public. And I bet those guys wish they had of never picked a fight with Ron Pierce.