Well it seems that the “King” or I should say “One of the Kings” of “CORRUPTION” in Raleigh is finally getting what he deserves. A public release of texts from Wayne Goodwin’s cell phone has come to light with a complaint from Robert Brawley to the NC Lobbying Compliance Division. And the STATE ETHICS COMMISSION. All of this was also stated by two news stations from Charlotte. Their stories were not to come out until after “RIO”. I guess that they didn’t like me telling my story prior to there’s here on NCADVOCATE.

Hey, Wayne, the public disclosures of your texts with attorney MARK BIBBS….this isn’t the reason that you fired your Director of Public Information is it? What’s the matter did she refuse to lie any further for you?

I have three full pages of texts that has just now became public. I will print a few of them that I have taken off the pages. Now remember these power broking and corruption deals have been going on for years. M..is Mark Bibbs “attorney” and W.. is for Wayne Goodwin.

1/17/15, M…. Hey buddy. I’ve been recommended for the AHIP account. Need your help please.

1/18/15, W…. Is there someone you need to be called.

M…. Mark Fleming made the recommendation. Chris McClure at Brooks Pierce reps United Health Care. He needs to be on board. They both have the contact info. Do you want their cell? Or do you have them? Thanks so much.

W…. Send me whatever contact info and intel that u can on it.

M…. OK. Thanks!!!  M…. BTW, Tim, Lewis and Dollar working on committees this weekend.

W…. Ok. Good to know.

2/9/15, M…. Hey. Got meeting at D.O.I. at 2pm with Angela Hatchell et al ASD for Roland.

2/19/15, M…. Hey buddy! Have you hired a lobbyist yet? I may have someone for you. Bibbs.

W…. Not yet. Out with the flu. I hope you are well.

3/4/15, M…. GM. Need to talk with you about a new client re; insurance bill.

7/1/15, M…. Can you call me when you have time please? Very Important! We may need to meet at Starbucks or somewhere on the C.G. I’ve come into something that may be harmful to you! I want to keep the lid on it asap. Bibbs

W…. On my way now

There are many more texts here with this. This attorney Mark Bibbs has placed quite a few lawsuits against the North Carolina Department of Insurance for various people yet he is buddy’s with Wayne Goodwin, some people would say that Mark Bibbs was doing his job for his clients. I would not. This is called power brokerage and corruption all day long. But I will let you decide what kind of individuals these people are.

These act’s are illegal in this state yet they happen everyday. I have had people report to me bag’s of money being exchanged. I have no hard proof except their statements. If anyone wants to provide proof against the corruption, power broking and influence peddling that is rampant in Raleigh please contact me.