Today I received my responses from the Federal Lawsuit that I placed against Wayne Goodwin, Anne M. Garmon, and 9 other Deputy Commissioners at the North Carolina Department of Insurance. I would like to keep certain people informed on how our state government works. Not all mind you. With these, and since I have been told that I am a horrible writer I will continue at least to entertain some of you.

These are quotes from the “INTERROGATORIES”

The first question to Anne M. Garmon was…

Did you participate, in any way, either directly or indirectly, in the criminal investigation, arrest, or prosecution of Ronald Leonard Pierce?


Second question was….

If so, describe in detail your role and what you did in furtherance of that role. Attach any and all emails, notes, correspondence, memoranda, recordings, or other documents related to your role.

Answer…..I was formerly employed in the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) of the Department of Insurance which handles criminal investigations and prosecutions. I interviewed a number of homeowners who did not get the roof repairs promised to them by Plaintiff or Plaintiff’s companies. I reviewed files sent to CID by insurance companies regarding roof repair insurance claims involving Plaintiff or Plaintiff’s companies. I met with the District Attorney’s Office regarding these cases. I applied for a search warrant to obtain bank records and I provided an affidavit to the magistrate to obtain the warrants involved in this case. As to documents, since I am no longer an employee of The Department of Insurance, I have only been able to locate unsigned copies of the warrants against Plaintiff Pierce. These warrant drafts are not being produced since certified copies of the actual warrants have been supplied during the course of this lawsuit.

Third question is….Are you aware of any individual who is not a named defendant who participated in the criminal investigation, arrest, or prosecution of Ronald Leonard Pierce….If so please identify that individual and provide current contact information for them.

Answer….. Mr. Ben Tesh, a former CID employee, participated in the investigation of Plaintiff Pierce to the limited extent that he was my direct supervisor when I was conducting the criminal investigation. “I will not supply the man’s address here” Also Members of the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office participated in the prosecution of the criminal charges.


I have several questions and statements here for Anne M. Garmon, for anyone that is paying attention….

  1. Where is all of the emails, notes, correspondence, memoranda, recordings, or other documents related to your role? If you did not produce them or your Attorney General supplied attorney’s did not produce them is this not lying under oath? Should criminal charges not be brought against you for lying under oath?  Maybe some other attorney can answer that question for me.
  2. Where are the names of your supervisors going up to the Deputy Commissioners above you? Obviously someone up the chain of command at the Department of Insurance had to give the go ahead to place these charges? Why did you not disclose any of these? Were you instructed by the Attorney Generals Office not to answer?
  3. If you didn’t take these charges up your chain of command, why are these people in the positions that they are in, and we as taxpayers are paying their salaries?

I have many more questions for everyone here. I just wanted to show our representatives in full action of non-disclosure and denial in action.