Since I ran against Mike Causey in this past election here in 2016, I do not want this article taken out of context, but I am sure that someone will try. I do not want anyone coming up with the conclusion that I am angry that I lost against Mike Causey in the primary elections. In as much as that would be the furthest thing from the truth.

I have been searching for Mike’s qualifications online and the only thing that I can come up with is the fact that Mike has worked for Insurance Companies as a paid political consultant in the past. To me it looks like Mike was getting paid off by the Insurance Companies nothing more.

I have observed Mike Causey’s political speeches first hand sine I ran against him in the primary. And I have came out with the following conclusions and many more questions.

You do not need to know any, or all of the position, or office, to run for commissioner of insurance but in my opinion I would think that you should learn the laws and rules that govern that position. I have not seen any knowledge expressed  that would make me think that Mike was qualified for this office.

So what do you have here…A known paid off person that is the current commissioner of insurance, Wayne Goodwin or have someone elected that doesn’t have a clue….You decide… at least I know Wayne Goodwin is a crook and he allows his Deputy Commissioners to actually run the establishment. The problem with that is there is no one minding the “OUR” candy store. These same Deputy Commissioners leave their assigned offices and positions and get a cushion job at the insurance companies after these same Deputy Commissioners get laws changed in favor of the insurance industry and against the citizens that these people are supposed to protect. All you have to do as an example is look at Dr. Lission who left his position as Deputy Commissioner and went to work for ATENA Insurance company.

So in conclusion You have to decide here on who you want in office. I personally think we need to do a re-over of the election. This is just like voting for Trump and Hillary. Which is the least worse.