In case you missed the story from 20/20, that aired last night 8/14/2016 on channel 3. You missed a great story on how the insurance companies are out right stealing from the dead. Yes, the dead. Or is it the living…….or in other words the people who are assigned the benefit’s after a person dies, or there next of kin.

What do the insurance companies do with that money? They keep it “steal it” of course. How? By not paying out. Well we all know that the insurance companies do this right? Well they have been caught, and have been made to pay out BILLIONS of dollars going back 30 years.

Who is the worst at this practice you ask? KEMPER INSURANCE COMPANY. Instead of admitting that they were caught along side at least 100 other companies. This company KEMPER, wants to have the laws changed so that they can keep the monies if no one jumps down their throats to claims it. Even if Kemper already knows the person is dead. You ask how does the insurance company know that the person is dead?

The National Dead List from the Federal Government. Or Social Security for that matter. The Social Security prints out a list one a month that the insurance companies access to see if you are still alive.  This is also the list that allows the IRS to stop chasing you for taxes after your dead.

I have several questions here for our Commissioner of Insurance here in North Carolina.

How long did you know about these insurance companies not fulfilling the contracts that these insurance companies made with the people of North Carolina…this goes back 30 years? If you didn’t know, just what in the hell have you been doing in this office?

OK, WAYNE GOODWIN. What are you going to do about it now that I have told you?

What about all of your Deputy Commissioners who have short term memories, and those who out right lie under oath, and seem to forget what their jobs are and to whom. Like the citizens of North Carolina and not the insurance companies, when they are looking for that cushion job after they get all of the laws that they can while in their positions ?

So to the people at the North Carolina Department of Insurance and to those who wish to be Commissioner of Insurance how about you either actually learn what your job is supposed to be, or resign and or not run.

We as citizens of North Carolina need someone to take the job of Commissioner of Insurance and lead by example. There are plenty of qualified people looking for good employment who will be more than happy to fill these rolls.