Mike Causey since you are running for Commissioner of Insurance for our state of North Carolina. I am wondering if you can take some constructive criticism to actually, “maybe” help you win the office that you seek?

  1. Come up with a plan ” you know, a battle plan” to root out the bad people running the Department of Insurance and all of the influence peddling that myself and others have shown that actually exists on a daily basis.
  2. How about printing out a copy of that plan and posting it on Facebook and the likes of this media to inform the public of just what you want to change and how you are going to do it. Not everyone will not go to those speaking events. I just visited your website. It still doesn’t state what you are going to do for the future. It just shows what you are looking at.
  3. How about you stating that the insurance companies are cheating every citizen out of their monies and you will ensure that all complaints that are received will be screened by you or a third party to ensure compliance by the insurance companies. How about you saying that you will actually stand up against the insurance companies, that would be nice.
  4. How about challenging Wayne Goodwin on his record, on his inside deals with attorney’s that have gotten their companies approved for Insurance license, when yet the law disallows these people to be involved at all, to begin with, in accordance with NCGS 58-71.
  5. How about telling us who your Deputy Commissioners that you will appoint after, and or if you get elected. I hope that they will have experience in the field of insurance and not just selling insurance like you have done in your past.
  6. How about showing us that you are not going to be another hired Insurance Company jerk that will continue to hand over each and every citizens monies, laws, and rights over to the insurance companies freely.
  7. If you take these criticisms wrongly by thinking that they are an attack upon you, then you would be wrong. I personally want to get someone elected that will stand up for my rights instead of continuing to be sold down the river as is happening today. How about showing all of the people of North Carolina what you are made of instead of just running for office and hope like hell that you can win.