Well the law has just been laid down on Charles Timothy Mathis. The Judge presiding over these Administrative Hearings came out with the rulings on Mr. Mathis’s case and it didn’t look very pretty.

In a story that just came out on the 17th of August, 2016 by WSOC. Where Charles Mathis says that and I quote here ” I know more about Bail Bonding probably better than the Attorney General”. Well, OK. Then.

I lost count after reading past 39 counts of violating North Carolina General Statutes 58-71….”Bail Bond Law”. These violations go all the way back to 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

Judge Berger’s Proposal for Decision is as follows….Based on the foregoing findings of fact and conclusions of the law, the undersigned recommends that the North Carolina Department of Insurance enter a Final Decision permanently revoking Respondent’s “Charles Mathis” bail bondman and bail runner licenses. Dated August 10, 2016.

Wayne Goodwin’s statement to WSOC stated the following: It is no coincidence that Bail Bondsmen, my team, and I have investigated, unjustly attack me for our aggressive regulation of their actions jeopardizing their licenses. Meanwhile, other bail bondsmen malign us because we have been unwilling to short circuit constitutional due process to put their competitors out of business.

Well isn’t that funny Wayne Goodwin…. since you just stated under oath to my attorney and to the Federal Court, with the Interrogatories that you and your attorneys at the North Carolina Attorney Generals Office signed that you do not investigate people, and that you had no knowledge of my charges, and investigations, and that is why you have investigators working for the Department of Insurance. Then it must also be a lie that you released a news release in 2014 quoting that I was acting as an unlicensed Public Adjuster, that I committed over $ 450,000 in insurance fraud and that I was put under arrest for 108 counts of Obtaining Property under False Pretense. Don’t worry that is why I put your behind into Federal Court, along with 10 of your Deputy Commissioners. “THE RALEIGH MAFIA”

This brings me to the following facts and conclusions, and additional questions…..Wayne Goodwin, WSOC has texts between you and attorney Bibbs talking about the Mathis case. It seems to me that, that was unethical as hell. Your more than happy to deny it though since you deny everything else. Which by the way Wayne is illegal. I have copies of these texts if you wish, or just go onto WSOC. I spoke with the reporter Blake today to verify these texts that were released from your own phone.

The walls are closing in on you Wayne Goodwin. I am going to see if I personally can’t get charges brought up against you for ethics violations. Lying under oath…that called perjury. You know what perjury is don’t you Wayne? Since you went to law school with the other members of the Raleigh Mafia.