I am including my Ethics Complaint to the North Carolina Ethics Commission for perjury here for several reasons, in case I fall off of some wall that I want not willing to participate in or on, or I happen upon some accident that I maybe involved with……Just saying. I know that I am pissing the establishment off by leaps and bounds with my Federal Lawsuit and my constant justified attacks upon the Raleigh Mafia for making False Statements, lying under oath, which is called perjury.

The difference between me and everyone else I DO NOT MAKE FALSE CLAIMS AND FALSE CHARGES! I will always make sure that my charges are by the letter of the law. Unlike George Wayne Goodwin and his minions.

North Carolina Ethics Commission, 13424 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC. 27699.

28 August 2016

RE: Complaint against Senior Deputy Commissioner, Angela K. Ford, at the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

Dear Grievance Committee

With the filing of this complaint, it is trying to address what appears to be abuse of office, and the outright lies that have been told. Under oath mind you from a “covered person” under the North Carolina Ethics Act 138A.

I would like for the Commissions attention to my Federal Lawsuit against the North Carolina Department of Insurance and the persons involved with my false persecution. In those interrogatories submitted by Angela K. Ford so marked exhibit “FORD 1”.

On page 1 of 4. On question 1, it states as follows; “Did you participate, in any way, either directly or indirectly, in a criminal investigation, arrest, or prosecution of Ronald Leonard Pierce?”

Answer: NO. Criminal investigations and prosecutions are handled by the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) of the North Carolina Department of Insurance and I have never been a member of the CID. While the Director of the CID is one of the employees under my supervision, I am not a law enforcement officer. I do not have a role in approving or monitoring the criminal investigations, charges, arrests or prosecutions handled by the CID.

On page 2 of 4. The question was asked. “If you did not participate, did you authorize, either expressly or impliedly, such an investigation, or arrest, or prosecution?

Answer: NO

I then bring to this Commission to the attention of page 4 of 4. Which states as follows; “Defendant Angela K. Ford, being duly sworn, deposes and says that she has read the foregoing answers to interrogatories, and that the same are true of her knowledge, except as to those matters and things therein stated upon information and belief, and to those matters she believes them to be true. This 25th day of July, 2016.”

Now I bring to the attention of the Ethics Commission many, many emails that were obtained by the records request from the North Carolina Department of Insurance. That shows not only Angela K. Ford knew¬†about all of the investigations but also actively participated in those investigations. I submit these as “FORD #2”

Which brings me to the following? North Carolina General Statutes 14-209. “PERJURY”. Which states the following: “If any person shall willfully and corruptly commit perjury, on his oath or affirmation, in any suit, controversy, matter or cause, depending in any of the courts of the State, or in any suit deposition or affidavit taken pursuant to law, or in any matter or thing whereof such person is lawfully required to be sworn or affirmed, every person so offending shall be punished as a Class F felony”. So marked “FORD 3”.

It seems to me there is a conspiracy going on at the North Carolina Department of Insurance on people not knowing how to tell the truth in accordance with the laws of our State. Which by the way is very disturbing and should be disturbing for this Commission?

I am demanding an investigation into my complaints by this governmental body.

I also ask for perjury charges to be applied to Angela K. Ford for lying under oath. And for Making False Statements. Which is also a Class I felony.

these positions that these people hold in a regulatory body such as at the North Carolina Department of Insurance affects every person in this State.