Let us set up a real problem here for you and me that I am experiencing as I write this article. To start off with, you or anyone else, are able to prove a person in this state, “In a governmental capacity one way or another”, I will name a few people that are involved. George Wayne Goodwin, Commissioner of Insurance, Angela K. Ford, Senior Deputy Commissioner at the Department of Insurance, Christopher Shane Guyant, Director of the Criminal Investigative Division, Rebecca Shigley Deputy Commissioner. There are more but let us start off with these.

High ranking “supposed to be public servants”. In other words you and I are paying their salaries from our tax dollars.

OK, now the problem, first you have to have legal grounds to bring suit against these individuals, “BEEN THERE, DONE THAT”. Now in the normal coarse of any lawsuit you have limited discovery to find out personal emails and those sort of things. “DID THAT”. Now these same individuals swear under oath “BY ALL MIGHTY GOD” that they will speak the truth and nothing but the truth in all that they say and believe. “DID THAT”.

Now you get a copy of those sworn statements, under the hand of god mind you. And they answer……… we don’t know anything about anything and for nothing. Now with the limited discoveries that were handed to you thru all of there internal communications that these same individuals are lying there asses off. And what is so affront is the fact that they know that they are lying there asses off. This is called perjury, N.C.G.S. 14-209, a felony offence. Now you know that you can prove these charges in any court in the land, but what can you, a single person do about it? OK Let me be stupid and think that people will actually care about people perjuring themselves. Before I tell you what I did about it I want everyone to understand when a single person has a felony complaint against someone you personally can not just jump down to the Magistrate and demand charges. There must be an investigation by some form of criminal prosecutors, IE, police, SBI, FBI, and so on

I started off here in Charlotte with the Charlotte Police Department, the desk officer sent me over to the Magistrate, the Magistrate said and I quote ” you cannot bring felony charges it must be a police of some type, she then told me to go back to the police department and ask for the Duty Captain. OK, “DID THAT”, he sent down two detectives from the Fraud section, who stated that they cannot open an investigation because the perjury happened in the course of a Federal Lawsuit, they told me that I would have to have the “JUDGE” make the charges to get someone involved to investigate.

They suggested that I talk with the U.S. Attorney’s Office. They thought that I was insane. “I might be after this”. I called the U.S. Attorney’s Office and an attorney at this office said that these are not Federal Charges that they were state charges and someone at the State level will have to deal with it. I told this individual that people like himself wonders why the general public doesn’t trust our system anymore. This is a true example as to these statements.


All right what would you do to bring charges against corrupt, lying, perjured individuals that we have here in North Carolina? I am truly asking. What would you do?  Please let me know.