Please understand that these articles on my complaints to the various North Carolina State Boards, will in my opinion will be ‘WHITE WASHED”, and not be investigated properly. I have lost faith in our system of legal assignment, to the point that if you are a high ranking person in our government, if someone complains, legally mind you, the powers to be will most probable “shit can it” and go on. My complaints are in accordance with our state laws and I will never allow our laws to be broken by the powers to be, because of there convenience and or political buddy system. In reference to that would be the Raleigh Mafia. If you are one of those people that thinks that this does not go on in this great state of North Carolina you would be sadly mistaken. I am here to tell you that this corruption is real. Everyone of my complaints were submitted with documents to back up my complaints. OK, here we go to the next one.

The Grievance Committee

The North Carolina State Bar

P.O. Box 25908

Raleigh, NC. 27611


5 September 2016

RE: Complaint Against  M. Denise Stanford, License # 17601. Assistant Attorney General, NC. Department of Justice, P.O. Box 629, Raleigh, NC. 27602.

Dear Grievance Committee;

I am at peril to try and separate these two attorney’s. As stated previously with my complaint against Daniel Snipes Johnson, M. Denise Stanford, while working hand in hand, with Daniel Snipes Johnson. Both have allowed people to abuse their rights of office, of which I now bring to this Committee’s attention. Since, M. Denise Stanford and Daniel Snipes Johnson are both Signed, attorney’s on the records for which I am enclosing; I cannot separate either from this complaint. Please view as one complaint. Yet I have many more emails with “Denise Stanford” recorded on them.

I will also state in this Grievance as well as I stated in the Grievance with Daniel Snipes Johnson as follows. When an attorney. An officer of the court does not act properly in accordance with the laws of our state of North Carolina, and the Rules set forth by this State Bar. It effect’s all of us in this State.

And yet again where M. Denise Stanford is concerned, this brings this matter to a much higher level. In as much as M. Denise Stanford holds one of the top leadership positions in this State at the Attorney Generals Office.

But having just stating that, it also brings our whole legal system into question. You have two attorney’s who hold high level positions who influence changes of the law of North Carolina, and are supposed to, no, required to uphold our laws of this State, yet allows other high ranking governmental people to lie and perjure themselves, under oath mind you, in a case that I have brought against the Commissioner of Insurance and 10 of his Deputy Commissioners. Everyone involved has lied. And your next question is…..can I prove it? Without any doubt in my mind.

This is called perjury. N.C.G.S. 14-209, yet in these attorney’s position it is N.C.G.S. 14-210. Subornation of perjury. Which I am sure that you know what it say’s, but for the record I will state it here; “If any person shall, by means, procure another person to commit such willful and corrupt perjury as is mentioned in G.S. 14-209, the person offending shall be punished as a Class I felon”. Exhibit 1.

I also bring to the Committee’s attention to The State Bar Rule 3.3, a. Which states as follows; “A lawyer shall not knowingly: (1) make a false statement of material fact or law to a tribunal or fail to correct a false statement of material fact or law previously made to a tribunal by the lawyer; (3) offer evidence that the lawyer knows to be false. If a lawyers client, or a witness called by the lawyer, has offered material evidence and the lawyer comes to know of its falsity, the lawyer shall take reasonable remedial measures, including if necessary, disclosure to the tribunal. A lawyer may refuse to offer evidence, other than the testimony of a defendant in a criminal matter that the lawyer reasonably is false. Exhibit 2.

I bring proof of these acts by Daniel Snipes Johnson and M. Denise Stanford by the means of my Federal Lawsuit against these attorney’s defendants as follows: Interrogatories by, Angela K. Ford, Teresa Knowles, Rebecca Shigley, George Wayne Goodwin, and Dr. Robert Lisson, Christopher Shane Guyant, Angela Hatchell, and finally Robert Cunningham.

Where by each and everyone of them committed perjury under oath, by stating that they did not know of any criminal investigation of me by the Criminal Investigations Division under the Director, Christopher Shane Guyant. When in fact all knew about the investigation and demanded the CID to bring criminal charges against me. Even False Charges that they could find. Of which is the reason of my lawsuit. Exhibit 3.

The proof of all of these, via their own emails produced by the North Carolina Department of Insurance, by a public records request from my attorney John Mansfield, at I will provide these emails in no order except for Daniel Snipes Johnson and M. Denise Stanford who by their own admission on the emails provided by the Department of Insurance, knew about the investigations from the beginning in 2012. Yet neither attorney allowed themselves to recluse themselves from the case and then both by their own signatures allowed these defendants to perjure themselves under oath. I will bring Daniel Snipes Johnson as exhibit 4. 4 separate emails.

As for M. Denise Stanford who knew about these investigations also from 2012. I will mark these exhibit’s 5.

I have filed a Ethics Complaint against those who are a “COVERED PERSON” in accordance with the NC. State Ethics Act 138A. You will be encouraged to get a stamped Filed Copy from the Ethics Commission. To prove without doubt that these people have lied under oath, and I am demanding an investigation from the Ethics Commission into their lies and perjury. To include bringing and stating False Statements in accordance with N.C.G.S. 58-120.

I will state again that I will not allow any “WHITE WASHINGS” of these charges that I bring here today. These people involved need to be punished up to and include complete suspension from practicing law in this State. As a citizen of this State it is absurd to allow people such as these to openly lie, misrepresent them and me for that matter, and allow perjury under any circumstances.

In conclusion it appears that our State Employees have an attitude that they are untouchable in accordance with the law. I am here to State for the record that each and every one has to live by the rules and laws of our State.