I am again involved with another claim as a general contractor, and guess who the Insurance Company is? Yep, NATIONWIDE INSURANCE COMPANY. Please remember this companies slogan…..”NATIONWIDE IS ON YOUR SIDE”……. I will not have you guess what they are doing. I will be more than happy to tell you exactly what happened.

This man who owns a home in Matthews, North Carolina. Saw water stains on his ceiling and walls in his living room area of his house. This man opened up the wall to investigate where the water was coming from and left it exposed.

He then called Nationwide Insurance company and called in a claim for his home. At present the first insurance adjuster was taken off this assignment and was sent onto other claims. It was assigned to another insurance claims adjuster that has never seen the property yet is supposed to make an evaluation on this claim.

We are waiting for the official document’s to say that they will not be covering this claim, even though we documented where the water was coming in at on the roof. The big difference on this claim is I had it assigned directly to me.

You see in North Carolina you, me, or anyone else is not allowed to assign their insurance policy to someone else. This is called a pre-loss, you are however in accordance with North Carolina law are allowed to assign the claim after a covered loss. This is called post-loss. Of which is part of my Federal lawsuit against the North Carolina Department of Insurance. And those scumbags at the DOI, are only interested in making the insurance companies happy and not the homeowners in this State.

This is where I come in. I will help this man put his home back together and then I will bring another lawsuit against this company for Bad Faith Business Practices N.C.G.S. 75-1,  And BAD FAITH CLAIMS HANDLING N.C.G.S. 58-63-15-11. There is no sense in making a complaint to our supposed to be watchdog North Carolina Department of Insurance, these people up there in Raleigh, are only interested in getting a paycheck. And not finding justice for you and me.

This is only another example of why we collectively need new people in our regulatory office for insurance. This company NATIONWIDE INSURANCE COMPANY’S LOGO…IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE IT IS TO STEAL EVERY PENNY OF YOUR MONEY AND NOT PAY OUT WHEN THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO LEGALLY. Do what I tell you here or you will be sorry!!!