Wayne Goodwin, Corruption, Corruption, Corruption, WHEN WILL IT END !


“GEORGE” Wayne Goodwin, our current Commissioner of Insurance. Did you know that Wayne Goodwin went to school here in North Carolina? Did you know that most of his attorney buddy’s that went to school with him are involved in POLITICS one way or another. And were appointed as political favors, or who openly state their association with Wayne Goodwin to get that good paying client that they want. Oh, yes they are! Since I am not one of these “attorney’s” that go to an undisclosed locations with the powers to be, and sit on that porch and smoke that cigar. Oh Yes, we all know about all of your secrete meetings of all of your room mates from collage. And of course how you are paid off by funneling the money thru your room mates. Oh Yes, we do know. Part of this was disclosed from yours and your buddy’s Mark Bibbs emails and texts. All of these acts of corruption will come out in the near future.

HEY, Wayne please explain to me and everyone else in North Carolina, how you can have a few of your buddy’s from collage, who are all attorney’s by the way. How can you allow your buddy’s to have companies, or be involved as presidents and or corporate officers that are involved in the Bail Bonding Business? This is illegal Wayne……North Carolina General statutes 58-71. You do remember what the law is don’t you, or are you so removed from what is and what is not legal and or illegal that you are no longer fit for the job of Commissioner of Insurance.

Don’t worry Wayne, I will be filing North Carolina Bar complaints in the near future on your buddy’s. They will go quite well with your Bar Complaint and that Bar Complaint against your buddy Mark Bibbs that I sent in.

I guess that I should feel a little left out, this makes me a bit jealous, that I am not part of the “RALEIGH MAFIA”. Well, thinking that I still have what the old school people believe in, I think that they call it HONOR, I think that I don’t want any part of this “RALEIGH MAFIA”.

Which brings about our current problem here in North Carolina. Do we as the citizens of North Carolina allow this to happen? Well we have. So what is the difference in the future?

These corrupt acts in the office of Commissioner of Insurance must stop. Whenever you have a captive unit, known as the Bail Bond Industry, such as the one we have in this State, you will have people selling favors, with bag’s of cash left on your front porch for political favors done, or thru your political contributions.

I sure would like to know about your offshore accounts Wayne. But because I don’t have that information yet, I’ll keep trying. Don’t worry Wayne someone will spill the beans on you. They always do. It’s just a matter of time. I have some of it I want more though. How does it feel to have someone investigating everything that you do? Get used to it!