Well “GEORGE” it seems that I just keep getting more and more reports about you not enforcing the laws of this state again, and again, and again. I could do “again” another couple of thousand times and still not cover every time that laws are not being enforced in this State by your Department of Insurance. Unless of course, they are fabricated and assessed against someone like myself, for me, telling you, and your other upper management to get off of their asses and make the insurance companies do their jobs by paying properly on claims.

You know which ones that I am in reference to, but for everyone else in this State that are finally coming around to the fact that you are a paid off, corrupt public official. Oh, YES you are! You and your little attorney buddy’s.

I am waiting for you to demand an investigation into me again, so that all of your corruption will come along with criminal charges from the FBI. But you won’t do that, because it would bring more unwanted attention into your personal corruption. I know that you are too smart for that. You know that you can have your buddy Mark Bibbs file a lawsuit against me. No, you won’t do that either because then I can prove in a court of law your personal relationship with Mark Bibbs and a few of your other attorney buddy’s.

I guess that you never figured that someone like myself, you know someone that could actually read. Would stand up against you and your corruption. Well here it is. You can have any licensed law enforcement officer in this State, come and see me any time that they feel like it. But then I get to have the media and everyone else watching. No, you won’t do that either.

Let me just state for the record, a few of your little misdeeds of not enforcing the laws of this State. I have emails from going back to 2014, on the Dealings of Cannon Surety, and Premier Judicial that you personally granted license too, to become one of only two companies that are allowed to process Bail Bonds that are located in this State.

One of which by the way is majorly owned by Dallas McClain. Who by the way is represented by your buddy Mark Bibbs. Dallas McClain. Who had filed original paperwork that allowed a 25% stake in these companies to Carl Valentine. Carl Valentines license has been REVOKED since 2012. Dallas McClain. This is the same individual who has outright lied under oath to your department in filings about involvement of Carl Valentine. I have emails going back to 2014 and the beginning of 2015 that you, Wayne Goodwin knew about this relationship. Oh, Yes I do! AND Oh yes, you did know.

Yet again you have failed to do your job to pull Dallas McClain’s Bail Bond license and have Robert Brawley take over this company. Sighting due process of the law. This Wayne is a complete line of Bullshit. There is no other way of putting it. You are protecting Dallas McClain, Lynette Thompson, Carl Valentine, because of your personal relationship with Mark Bibbs. I have the emails to prove it! Please have the State Bureau of Investigation call me for a copy.

OK, Lets get onto other instances of you, not doing your job…..How about Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC. You have had complaints from medical providers in this state who have complained to you and the North Carolina Department of Insurance about not paying in a timely matter, which is in direct violation of the law. You know this as well. You tell everyone that you are investigating Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC. Yet, nothing ever becomes of anything, of these so called, “investigations”, and BCBSNC continues to do the same exact same thing. Screwing people on this each and everyday.

Let’s take the third example of you not doing your job. How about Nationwide, screwing over every person that has insurance with them in this State. I am in reference to Alexander – v – Nationwide. Nationwide paid, thru your department by the way, 36 million dollars for not paying properly on claims to 305,000 people in this State. Going back to 1996. Even after this was paid out, Nationwide turned right around and continues the same thing that that did in this lawsuit. NOT PAYING PROPERLY ON CLAIMS. Where is your enforcement of these laws that are on the books here in North carolina. And where is your enforcement of these same laws to the other Insurance Companies in this State. There is no enforcement what so ever.

You need to resign! Wayne Goodwin. You are not here for the citizens of this State. You are here for your own personal greed, and the greed of your attorney buddy’s. By the way I am pulling for you to win the upcoming election. I won’t vote for you but part of me wants you to win so that I can have another 4 years pulling you apart and putting your butt in jail for the corruption that you are involved with, and this is exactly where you belong. Have a nice year WAYNE.