Let’s start off with ROY COOPER. The guardian of our laws here in North Carolina. Instead of my saying all of the different ways that you have NOT done your job. How about telling everyone again IN NORTH CAROLINA. What you have actually done to deserve the paycheck that you are receiving for the past two years that you have done NOTHING in the OFFICE that you now hold. That is two years of the citizens of North Carolina fending for themselves. Because you have let these Deputy Attorney Generals just do what ever in the hell that they wanted to do. You have been taking those paychecks and driving all over North Carolina at speaking events where you are telling everyone how great that you think that you are. I personally want to see your ass locked up and the key thrown away for stealing money in the form of a paycheck. I am one of those people who have to work my ass off to just give you my money and you damn sure don’t deserve it.

What about the State Bureau of Investigation? It was taken away from you so that someone up their would actually do a rape kit. Another person had to added to the payroll because you would not do your job of enforcing the laws of North Carolina. This was told by your Assistant Attorney Generals openly. I know that you have not done anything for us as citizens for the past two years. What have you been telling people that you have actually accomplished again?

OH, Governor Mc Crory, You have been a very busy little guy haven’t you. You first did a nice little cover up of the Coal Ash Spill from Duck Energy, “yes I spelled it right”. Well you can deny it all day long, yet we all know the truth. You have had people resign because of it. And of course we all know why that you did the cover up. Because you were trying to limit your exposure in this mess. People out here know what you have done. This also why you are not leading in the political polls.

Your biggest mistake though was to make all of us here in the Charlotte area pay for a damn toll road that none of us want. Just how much were you paid to ram that thru and down our throat’s. You know I have been calling George Wayne Goodwin corrupt, but I have to admit he has nothing on you. You have been bought, and sold us done the river. Hell the least that you could have done was make that contract with the companies here in North Carolina. No you had to find a company in Spain no less. How about telling us about your offshore accounts. We all know that you have them. I hope that you got paid enough on that road contract to see you thru your retirement. If you did, good job. The problem with that is not all of us are crooks.

Oh, my buddy GEORGE WAYNE GOODWIN. I cannot forget about you. While I am telling people about all of the ELECTED CROOKS that we have in office here in our great State of North Carolina. You have been paid off by the Insurance Companies, I looked at your campaign contributions, Who is EFI Global. Almost $30,000. From one company. We have called for an audit of your campaign contributions. I hope that you enjoy it. I have you perjuring yourself under oath, I know that your buddy’s from collage have been giving you monies for political favors. I have the emails. Sooner or later I will have someone spill the beans on you to have the FBI put your ass in jail. I want you to see what a little shrimp like you will do when bubba puts his arm around you. I want pictures OK.