From the North Carolina Department of Insurance website posted a news release on September 15, 2016. Stating that they have fined the For-Non-Profit company Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. A nice little figure of $ 3.6 Million Dollars. For a fine because it did not do its job of handling claims, not paying properly on claims that were filed, not answering the phones and listening to the citizens complaints, and then acting on them. I could go on and on with what this company did not do properly. IT TOOK 8 YEARS FOR YOU TO DO YOUR JOB WAYNE!

I want to congratulate you, on you actually doing your job as Commissioner of Insurance Wayne. The citizens of North Carolina thank you. But I have one question for you here. If this was not in the same year as the election, would you have done anything at all to BCBSNC? I will give you my personal opinion on this, and that would have been NO.

I hope that this teaches this company a lesson, and hopefully other insurance companies that are doing business in this State that the citizens will not stand for anymore of these types of actions, or maybe they just don’t know about how you are allowing other insurance companies that do not pay properly on claims, not follow the laws of this State.

But what you have also done is sold down the river the citizens of North Carolina and their right’s to bring suit against this company for their wrong doing. That is in accordance with the Voluntary Settlement Agreement that I have just read. So who were you protecting again, the citizens of North Carolina or BCBSNC? If you did not do anything, this would have given you your final nail in your coffin, for you not doing your job as Commissioner of Insurance. You obviously have not done anything to the other insurance companies that are doing the same thing. I’ll let everyone else think that one thru.

Even when in 2009 when NATIONWIDE INSURANCE COMPANY had to pay 36 million dollars out as part of a federal class action lawsuit for not allowing policy holders to hire general contractors and the insurance companies required to pay for these services in accordance with their insurance policies. Look this one up online the lawsuit is called Alexander -V- Nationwide Insurance.

Wayne, I have a couple more questions for you here. What about the other insurance companies that are doing the same thing that BCBSNC has done here in North Carolina? Are you even looking into the complaints filed on these other companies? Does it take thousands of people to call you and hundreds of letters of complaint about the same company for you to act. This one act of you doing your job is too little to late.

And what about NATIONWIDE INSURANCE, even after they paid this amount of money, this company turns right around and continues to do the same exact same thing that they lost in court for. Where is your enforcement on this company that is sorely needed. And better yet….where is all of your enforcement of all of the other property insurance companies not paying properly on insurance claims in this State. I haven’t even brought up the fact that you are letting unlicensed and those who are running businesses with unlicensed people run free in this State.

Hey Wayne. How about enforcing all of the laws of this State all of the time. I truly hope that you do not get re-elected in November.