Another month has gone by, and still nothing has been done by the North Carolina Department of Insurance and my buddy “GEORGE” Wayne Goodwin. On pulling the license of Cannon Surety and Premier Judicial from posting more Bail Bonds in this State?  Why is this George Wayne Goodwin?

In accordance with the laws of North Carolina you are allowed to suspend these companies license from posting more Bail Bonds until a formal inquiry is performed. Yet, you, being a duly licensed attorney in this State knew that didn’t you?

Have you had any Administrative Hearings on the issue? Have you even called for any?What about any of your so called qualified investigators? Have they actually done an investigation yet? Or are you waiting for your election to be over before you still do nothing?

We all know about your buddy Mark Bibbs, representing Carl Valentine and Dallas McClain on these companies. We all know about your association with your buddy Mark and your political favor peddling. All you have to do is look at the story from Channel 9 here in Charlotte.

We all know about Mark Bibbs filing a restraining order on Robert Brawley, to not allow Robert Brawley from investigating the wrongful dealings on Cannon and Premier Judicial, and of course Dallas McClain any further. It has not stopped me from investigating these corrupt people though. And of course your little corrupt booty.

To not suspend these activities at this point, will allow Dallas McClain to leave all of the liabilities to Cannon Surety’s, and allow Dallas McClain to move all of the monies to another company, another illegal company that you, Wayne Goodwin have given a new license too. Hence leaving Robert Brawley left holding the BAG, per say. This is exactly what they are doing and you are allowing this to transpire. Have you frozen this companies bank accounts, so that monies cannot be withdrawn. You are allowed to do that. It is a captive company is it not?

Don’t worry I get emails all the time on what you are doing Wayne. I am doing my own investigation into your law less approach to the laws of North Carolina. And of course how you have milked the people of North Carolina for the past 8 years for every dollar that you and your little attorney buddy’s could get. I don’t want you to resign I want to see you taken out in handcuffs being the crook that you are.