I have seen many news articles about how George Wayne Goodwin, has been holding down the cost of car and property insurance in our State. These are all lies! Let me explain how and why.

WAYNE GOODWIN, has said that he has not allowed our property insurance to increase here in North Carolina. OK. Then how is it the insurance companies, the likes of STATE FARM and NATIONWIDE, have sent out notices to homeowners that unless the insurance company can increase there property insurance by 20% or more immediately than the insurance company will drop the policy holder “immediately”.

Now as the homeowner is put into a panic by these insurance companies. This property owner has to find coverage, or pay the increase. This is called EXTORTION WAYNE. If you complain to the North Carolina Department of Insurance and Wayne Goodwin, it will go on deaf ears, because what has really happened is Wayne Goodwin has indeed allowed the increase in property increases behind the wall of lies. Where is all of the news coverage on this?

Where is it not said that if the Commissioner of Insurance had said NO increase in premiums, and the insurance company’s did it anyways, what would happen? What should HAPPEN? The insurance company should be fined for each and every time the insurance company did it to the citizens of North Carolina, just like Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Well WAYNE !. Where are the fines on these insurance companies. You haven’t even launched an investigation into these complaints. Have you!

It doesn’t take a genius WAYNE, to figure out what you are doing. Lying to the citizens of North Carolina, that you are supposed to protect. This is just one example of your lies. What about all of the lies on the Bail Bond industry?

Here you have a company like Cannon Surety committing multiple fraud’s in this State, and you WAYNE have done nothing to stop it. I am in reference to when a company is formed by false pretense. Such as what has happened by Dallas McClain and Carl Valentine and Robert Brawley on Cannon. In accordance with contract law of this State, this makes this company VOID. YES VOID WAYNE. That means all of the contracts that this company “CANNON” has made with all of the Bail Bond Agents, are void. This also means all of the BAIL BONDS that this company has made are null and void.

So knowing all of this WAYNE GOODWIN, your an attorney? Why are you allowing this company to continue to operate. Producing more bonds that Robert Brawley, will be left holding the bag on. This is also called a felony violation in accordance with NCGS 14-100 Obtaining Property Under False Pretense. The False Pretense come by the way of Carl Valentine and Dallas McClain obtaining over $800,000. of Robert Brawley’s monies.

And where in the hell are the fines on property insurance companies like STATE FARM AND NATIONWIDE?