If you have read any of my other stories about the apparent “legal corruption” happening at the North Carolina Department of Insurance in the Bail Bond Business. The involvement of Cannon Surety and Premier Judicial. Wayne Goodwin, and the Director of the Criminal Investigations Division, Shane Guyant, could shut these illegal activities down, but have not. For a period of 2 years of supposedly looking into every ones complaints on the Bail Bond Businesses.

Guess who is involved as the chief people lying every which way that they can. How about all of those documents that were illegally created by Dallas McClain, and then illegally notarized, to try and make it look official, by Janet Ramirez. Yes, the complaints to the Secretary of States Office have already been placed, and of course that I was able to verify this.

The contracts were clearly forged, and then clearly notarized before the fact, signed, dated, and the blanks filled in before these were even signed the person that was supposed to sign them. Yes, all of this is coming out. And yes, Shane Guyant. The Director of the Criminal Investigations Division has been notified in writing……. Hey, Shane Guyant, where is the enforcement of the laws of North Carolina. You have no problem having someone at your department bring false charges against someone, like Anne Marie Garmon against me, yet you do not have the back bone to actually enforce the actual laws of this State.

Witness intimidation by the attorney Mark Bibbs, threatening to bring suit against anyone who follows the law, and you Mark Bibbs telling these Bail Bond Agents that they did not have to answer any questions about any involvement with Carl Valentine, I bring to everyone attention to the other investigations questions from the NCDOI that are supposed to be happening because of the Complaints from Robert Brawley……..

I never knew that I could ever put the two words together of “LEGAL CORRUPTION”. This is happening each and everyday at the North Carolina Department of Insurance but no one is doing an investigation into these illegal acts. Surly not Wayne Goodwin. This would actually show that he has been covering up all of these illegal acts, and he wouldn’t want that to come out.

Wayne, I am here to tell you that these acts will all come out. I will make sure that they do. That story from Channel Nine about this company and your involvement is only the beginning. The lawsuits will continue as long as I have anything to say about it. Hey Wayne, do every citizen in North Carolina a favor and resign.