If you need help in the coming months with your home in North Carolina, please contact me and I will try to assist you as a general contractor. And since I have gathered a little knowledge of insurance policies and insurance law I will be able to get you into contact with the proper people in case you have to fight for, and on any insurance claim.


If your insurance company does not cover your home on your household insurance, you may need to apply for FEMA ASSISTANCE to help you put your home back together after the flood. Also this assistance is for when you do not have flood insurance.

Go to FEMA website online. You can apply immediately but you will have to supply a lot of information when you apply;  NC HURRICANE MATTHEW  DR-4285

  1. Social Security Number
  2. Address of the location where the damage occurred. (pre disaster address) In case your house was washed away.
  3. Current Address…In case you must live somewhere else while your home is being worked on.
  4. Current Phone Number
  5. Your Insurance Information on your home or car
  6. Total household annual income
  7. Routing and account number for your checking or savings account ( this allows FEMA to directly transfer disaster assistance funds into your bank account).
  8. A description of your disaster-caused damage and losses


If you have say wind damage on your roof, or on any other portion of your home, and your homeowners insurance is trying to say that it was flood damage please let me know. This is wrong, and it is against the laws of North Carolina.

Wind damage is covered under your home owners policy, do not allow anyone to tell you differently. State Farm and a few other insurance companies had to pay out on multi-million dollar lawsuits because of Katrina in 2005, by saying that all of the damage was caused by Flood, when in fact the homes were damaged by tornados that hit their respected homes.