I’ve seen the latest commercial that was on the air last night. In it’s content “GEORGE” Wayne Goodwin, professed for all to see and hear, that he, is in his position as Commissioner of Insurance for the people of North Carolina, “you” are protecting them against insurance rate hikes, insurance fraud, and “you” are protecting the elderly. Doing over 1500 Arrests, and you wearing your official police badge…… REALLY ? Your not allowed to wear that police badge unless you have been certified by the State to do so. Where’s Yours !

You “WAYNE” went out and professed to all that would listen, that there will be no more rate increases in insurance, because you denied the insurance companies requests for rate increases, did you not? You sure made a spectacle out of announcing this major accomplishment.  You told everyone that you were pissed off at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, and that you demanded, that the insurance company pay a major fine for there disastrous handling of health related claims. Well everyone, just who do you think is paying for all of this insurance companies screw ups ? If you chose the correct answer of, you and me and everyone else in this State you would be correct.

Everyone in this State is getting 30 % RATE HIKES for 2017 health insurance if you have Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. People in North Carolina are, or maybe getting cost of living increases of 2 to 3 %. That is a major MAYBE !

Dr. Robert Lisson went from the North Carolina Department of Insurance as a Deputy Commissioner to Aetna Insurance company, after he got all of the changes that he could legally, in favor of the insurance company of course. Now they don’t offer health insurance in this State, thank you very much Robert.

Let’s take the other insurance increases. This time we pick Homeowners. STATE FARM, along with NATIONWIDE, and FARM BUREAU, have increased there rates by 20 %. Higher deductibles, which is another form of rate hike, and if you have a legitimate claim, you seem to find out then that STATE FARM sent out in a memo that you never read that they were dropping some of your coverage, like wet-dry rot repairs. Which is one of the mandatory coverages under North Carolina Law in insurance policies.

Wayne Goodwin you are right in there with Hillary Clinton when it comes to telling lies and robbing the American public of their monies. Where is your “FOUNDATION” located so that at least I know where my money has gone ?  You have sold each and everyone of us as citizens of North Carolina out to the insurance companies, and you should be put in jail for fraud. And for your back office deals with your attorney buddies. I just hope that the citizens of North Carolina get’s there heads out of where ever they have been keeping them and vote you out. And if they don’t vote you out then put you in JAIL, in the very near future.