The North Carolina Bail Bond Business should be turned over to the Judicial System in North Carolina for one reason if for nothing else. That is… end the corruption of the Bail Bond Business in this State. It has become truly apparent that the North Carolina Department of Insurance can not police it self.

Having stated that, we as citizens need to demand from our State government to end the supervision of the Bail Bond Business. The main reason for this is to look at Cannon Surety and Premier Judicial doing business in this State. Here you have a known person who is and has been denied a license in this State and others like Virginia by the likes of Carl Valentine and Dallas McClain. Yet, the Captive Division of North Carolina Department of Insurance has done nothing of all of the complaints that were filed on these illegal acts.

What say you Wayne Goodwin…just what in the hell are you waiting for ? Oh, wait a minute….it election year. You want to wait until the election is over to do anything. I see your reasoning now. You don’t want to do anything about any of this. If you do then people will find out that that you were not doing your job to begin with……or people will find out about your association with your buddy and collage mate,¬†Attorney Mark Bibbs. That train has already left the station. Everyone that gives a shit already knows.

I want the State Legislator’s to take this department away from the Department of Insurance and turn it over to another department that will do its job and to police itself. Just like the State Crime Labs was taken away from the Department of Justice and Roy Cooper and put under the State Bureau of Investigation.

This problem with the Bail Bond Business, will not go away at the Department of Insurance. the corruption will continue until someone puts a hammer to the problem.