I personally submitted complaints against Commissioner of Insurance, George Wayne Goodwin, Case # 16-C-0126(E), for lying under oath on my Interrogatories that was put forth on my Federal Lawsuit against George Wayne Goodwin. For those that are interested this is called Perjury, NCGS 209. I submitted his own emails which showed he was directly involved in my wrongful persecution and investigation, to the North Carolina Ethics Commission in Raleigh.

Do you want to know what the North Carolina Ethics Commission replied ?

Notice of Dismissal, was received by me in the mail yesterday. With… Dismissals for my other Ethics Complaints for PERJURY, against Deputy Commissioner Rebecca Shigley, and Deputy Commissioner Angela K. Ford, and the one that really sends me over an edge is the complaint about Director of Criminal Investigations Christopher Shane Guyant, was also DISMISSED….even though, I submitted emails obtained thru my freedom of information request thru the North Carolina Department of Insurance.  Christopher Shane Guyant, had phone calls from James Woods an attorney here in Charlotte, and emails from the same to include a meeting with Anne Marie Garmon, attorney Woods and Christopher Shane Guyant at attorney Woods office here in Charlotte.

Even before these DISMISSALS were received by me, approx. 3 weeks ago, I had my attorney file a motion with the Federal Court to hear my grievances, against these made, Perjury Statements, made by each individual under oath mind you.

This brings me to several conclusions about the different departments of this State that appears to be absolutely politically corrupt. I can come to no other conclusion. Now remember, we as citizens of this State, MUST pay these peoples salaries thru our tax dollars.

Our State systems are completely corrupted. So how do we get changes to make these State Department working for the people that they are paid to protect ?

I can tell you one thing. And that is, it is going to take more than just me to get these departments doing there job again. So my next question is…..What are you going to do about these problems ? Throw up your hands and say nothing. If this is you, then do all of us a favor, go ahead and end your own life so that we don’t have to put up with you any longer in this State.

I am demanding change in this State. Change for the betterment of all citizens of this State. If you personally are not going to do anything, the least that you can do is support someone who is not afraid of these corrupted individuals, and the corrupted departments in this State.  Yes, it is a bit overwhelming.

These same individuals lie directly to you face, like Wayne Goodwin. Our Commissioner of Insurance, saying that he is saving the citizens of NC. BILLIONS, yet he is saving those monies for the INSURANCE COMPANIES, not you. How do I know this, just look at the statements from Wayne Goodwin’s own mouth, where he says; NO MORE INCREASES ON YOUR PRIEMIUMS. Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC raised all premiums 30% for 2017. Same statement from Wayne, and STATE FARM sent out thousands of notices that to renew your property insurance they demanded a 25% increase, even though WAYNE GOODWIN told everyone that he is not allowing increases in this State, and if you didn’t want to pay it…find some other company to write your policy.

FIND some back bone people because you are going to need it. If not all you are going to do is work your ass off for nothing but to pay it out for people like Wayne Goodwin.

To give an update to this story. The court will hear this motion of mine on November 8th. 2016 at Federal Building, 310 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh, NC. 27601.

In case anyone is interested.