“GEORGE” Wayne Goodwin, and his political “PAY TO PLAY” organization has started to crumble. You lost the election on the 8th. WAYNE, Not because Mike Causey really beat you, you beat yourself with all of your lies and corrupt attorney buddy’s by the likes of Mark Bibbs and a few other’s of your criminal gang that I have been calling the “RALIEGH MAFIA” for months. People were afraid of you WAYNE, because you had the power to put them in jail. I want to ask you a question here “GEORGE”, how many do you think are going to stay silent after January, when you are finally gone from the Department of Insurance building ?

Do you see the writing on the wall yet WAYNE ? Your next, to be hand-cuffed and walked into jail.   “I HOPE”. Unless you are able to get away with it by the means of the 11th Amendment protection. We’ll see, I’ll keep trying to show you the same respect that you and your department showed me. And if they are finally able to put hand-cuffs on you, I will be there laughing my ass off. Because you deserve every bit of that.

Wayne Goodwin blocked, this arrest of Michael Kirk SCHON, for almost a year, because of his involvement with “guess which attorney” ? Yes, you guessed it Mark Bibbs. Wayne’s collage buddy who represents him and a few others that are wrapped up in these illegal acts. Yes, more arrests are in the making….I hear 20 more within the next two weeks. I’ll be more than happy to let you know about it in the near future.

The first one to be arrested yesterday was MICHAEL KIRK SCHON. For obtaining property Under False Pretense. NCGS 114-100. This is a catch all law that the Department of Insurance throws at everybody I think. Instead of more accurate charges like Fraud, Wire Fraud, and Embezzlement. That a lot of these Bail Bond Businesses have been doing. To give you an example Michael Kirk Schon, filed FAKED Mexican Death Certificates on at least 3 claims. These are called Motions to set aside. What this is for is to have the monies set aside on someone who has jumped bail and now the Bail Bond Agent pay that bond in full to the Department of Insurance. This is just one of many charges that may be coming forward on several people involved.

I believe the Department of Insurance can fill a complete jail pod with everyone that has been getting away with illegal acts. And of course these people were allowed to get away with this because of a direct result of Wayne Goodwin’s CORRUPTION.

My question directly to you WAYNE is this. How many are going to spill their guts on the whole organization ?  It only takes one WAYNE. Do you think that they are not going to give you all up to save their own asses ? They all lead back to you WAYNE, thru Mark Bibbs.

I also hear that you WAYNE, are going to run again in 2020. I can assure you that I will run again in 2020 also. And I can promise you this WAYNE, I will let every person in North Carolina. Know, just how big of a crook that you really are, so that you will not be able to hold a job even as a street sweeper.