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Well Tim, it seems that I am not the only one pissing off the North Carolina Department of Insurance. The difference between us, is the fact I refuse to get a license from the North Carolina Department of Insurance, so that they can take it away and say that I was a crook, and that I am out to cause harm against the citizens of North Carolina. The other difference is that I don’t need a license for what I do in construction. You on the other hand don’t have a choice in the Bail Bond Business.

The FINAL AGENCY DECISION, 15 INS 07293. States the following:

With respect to the Proposal for Decision in this matter by Administrative Law Judge Philip E. Berger, Jr. dated 10 August 2016:

After considering the entire record in this proceeding, weighing all the evidence, and considering the oral testimony offered by Charles T. Mathis, Respondent, and Robert Croom, attorney for the Petitioner, on 21 September 2016, the undersigned makes the following:

Based on the referenced and incorporated Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, as well as the oral testimony provided by the Respondent and the counsel for the Petitioner, it is hereby ORDERED that the Respondent’s Bail Bondsmen and Bail Bond Runners licenses be permanently revoked.

This the 16th. day of November, 2016.

M. Benjamin Popkin, Hearing Officer, North Carolina Department of Insurance.


So Tim, what are you going to do now ? Your buddy’s at the Bail Bond school, cannot have any involvement with you or they too can lose their license.

Hold on. WAIT A MINUTE…….Mr. Mathis has just filed a retort to these finding’s and have pushed this up to the Superior Court dated 22 November 2016…..and he did it PRO SAY….that means he is representing himself, and the saga continues.  The new hearing date in front of a judge will be December 1st, 2016.