To our newly elected North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance, Mike Causey. Has it sunk in yet that you actually won ? Who are you going to hire, to get up there with you in Raleigh, and help you clean house with all of those Deputy Commissioners of Insurance that have been using their position for their own personal bank account ? This is called position peddling, corruption, and power brokering.

I hope that you have already seen the power brokering. Just one example of this is ex Deputy Commissioner of Insurance Dr. Robert Lisson, who got his comfortable little position at AETNA Insurance, after he helped get laws passed to help the insurance companies, in direct violation against all of the citizens of North Carolina. He was there in his capacity to protect the citizens of North Carolina and not the insurance companies.

I truly hope that you already know that, that office at the Department of Insurance, is nothing more then a bed of snakes ready to bite you squarely in the ass if you let them.

Your newly elected position has put you in a place that has not been available for over 30 years, since before “COMMISSIONER LONG”.

I do not put these charges lightly. Especially since I have put a Federal Lawsuit against these same Deputy Commissioners of Insurance, to prove to everyone, just what kind of corrupt individuals that are in a position of influence.

I have also helped establish the facts that the Bail Bond side of the North Carolina Department of Insurance is clearly corrupt. Check out the Channel 9 stories along with Channel 3 stories here in Charlotte alone. From Ex Commissioner of Insurance Wayne Goodwin, thru the majority of Deputy Commissioners that are in position today.

If you need help identifying these corrupt individuals contact me directly and I would not only identify them for you, I would help you accomplish this for free. No monies need ever change hands from the State of North Carolina and me. And since I have put this in writing, I would seek to do it as a dedicated citizen of North Carolina.

This den of thieves has to be dealt with starting with, Robert Cunningham. Then immediately followed by Rebecca Shigley, to include Shane Guyant, Angela Ford, Angela Hatchell and finally Teresa Knowles.

If this is not enough for you I would be more than happy to identify more for you. But I at least know that each and everyone of these people lied under oath multiple times. These are felony’s. We collectively do not need anyone, so called, protecting the rights of the citizens of North Carolina. When they openly lie under any oath.