Mike, I have to say that I enjoyed the news stories from the Charlotte Observer and WBT-TV on you and your involvement with Speaker of the House, Tim Moore, on Friday the 2nd of December 2016. And the involvement of Cannon Surety, and what I like to call the rest of the “RALIEGH MAFIA” . Dallas McClain, Carl Valentine, Tim Moore, Wayne Goodwin and least of all Mark Bibbs.  But of course, NOW TIM MOORE, he knows nothing about this fund raiser. Nor did he say that he gave Dallas McClain permission to add his name to the roster of speakers for this fund raiser. IMAGINE THAT ?

Let’s get the story straight, first…..MIKE Causey, you meet with the Speaker of the House, Tim Moore, and Dallas McClain who by is own accords says he owns Cannon Surety. Everyone wants to do a fund raiser for you now….. I have a couple of questions for you here. Where were these people to help you when you were campaigning ? They were running their scams on someone else, that’s what they were doing. Also, now I know that this fund raiser was illegal to have a corporation be involved with any type of campaign contribution.

I hope for your own protection that you get someone in place to protect yourself against the likes of these people. Because everyone is, or will be coming out of the wood work to get you to change a law, or have you do them a favor.

If you haven’t figure it out yet, Mike, that it looks like Dallas McClain was trying to set you up for a fall legally, with the North Carolina Board of Elections. There will be at least a minimum of an investigation into these actions. By the way Dallas McClain didn’t go down to the Board of Elections until this became public to become a PAC. Did you know that  Mike ? That means that he was acting illegally as a PAC without being properly licensed to do so.

Don’t worry there are several people who will be more than happy to file the complaints. I am sure that the other owner of Cannon Surety Robert Brawley, who by the way probably doesn’t know anything about any of this, will be more than happy to do the filing.

Mike welcome to the world of the sharks from Raleigh……and you though that you were just running for the office just for the job.