The North Carolina Department of Insurance has issued a communication to all Bail Bond Agents concerning the company of Cannon Surety and the involvement of Carl Valentine with this company. 90 % of the Bail Bond Agents sent back the return communication of….. they did not have knowledge of any involvement with Carl Valentine.

There is several problems with this. Let me list a few.

There is a lawsuit filed against Cannon Surety and Dallas McClain about wrongful things that are going on. Do you think that Robert Brawley is not going to subpoena everyone of you Bail Bond Agents involved with Cannon Surety and Dallas McClain, to go into court, and have you swear on a bible and affirm under oath that your statements are correct? If you are caught lying under oath to the court, that is called perjury, NCGS 240. These are also criminal charges. Do you want to risk your license, and go to jail, from the State over these lies? OK.

The IRS is investigating Cannon Surety and Dallas McClain and AABB Bail Bonds as we speak. What do you think that they, the IRS will do first? They will subpoena all bank records from both company’s and they will include Carl Valentine and Dallas McClain’s bank account as well. This is what they do. And guess what? They don’t have to tell anyone that they are doing the investigation. If you as a Bail Bond Agent lied on your answer to the NCDOI about your involvement with Carl Valentine, then they will find out that way.

The North Carolina Secretary  of State has launched another investigation in the actions of Cannon Surety and Dallas McClain. They are looking into complaints filed by Robert Brawley and a few others about the illegal actions of Cannon Surety and Dallas McClain. Do you not think that the Secretary of State will find out? You can only lie so far before you get caught at it.

What do you think is going to happen to you one the North Carolina Department of Insurance has found out that you lied under oath to them?

You will have only one chance from here. You need to write a statement to the NCDOI and state that you were under pressure from the affected parties to say that you had no knowledge of Carl Valentine. You will be forgiven or pay a small fine if you do this now. If you wait then you will deserve everything that you get. So be forewarned that this is what is coming down the river.

There are over 200 Bail Bond Agents working under Cannon Surety. One or two of them are going to tell the truth. Where will that leave you?

Just remember I will print another story with your name on it and tell everyone that I told you so.


  1. I hear there is a new sheriff in town and Mike Causey is that sheriff. It seems he has decided to do what the last commissioner failed to do…his job. Members of this group or their friends, depending on how you look at it continue to get arrested. Mike Schon arrested on felonies, Janet Ramirez, arrested on felonies. And yesterday someone really close and connected to Carl Valentine got arrested and charged with 12 felonious counts of fraud. Organized crime? Hello folks.
    What everyone seems to be forgetting is the huge elephant in the room. A man named Valentine has been operating despite being multiply disqualified by Virginia and NC. And he was a founder in a bail insurance company. Period. That insurance company’s manager “Atlas Management”, in 2015, pointed out to Goodwin’s NCDOI that there were problems. Atlas left the building cancelling its contract. There are operating agreements, a business plan, lots of emails, minutes, notes and yes even contracts which will show Valentine managing a bail insurance company. He operated in sync with Dallas McClain and Lynette Thompson. You just cannot dispute that. And you gotta ask the question. How could these guys have been allowed to operate under such conditions for so long?