Whenever there is a change in leadership in one of the Departments of this State, like the North Carolina Department of Insurance, what happens to all of the people that have been working in the offices other than the Commissioners or the duly elected people that run in our elections and win there respective offices of State.

What happens to them ?   Nothing !

Who really runs the respective offices of State ?  It would seem thru the years that the Commissioner and or the elected of the appropriate title sure doesn’t. Or does he or she actually run the office or position the person elected ? Let’s put this to the test.

Let’s say that I am the Commissioner of Insurance, duly elected thru our election process, and let’s say that I want to get rid of some unwanted people in there respective managerial positions. I want to personally get rid of Shane Guyant, he is the Deputy Commissioner of Criminal Investigations. What must I do to get rid of them ?

Well it is not that easy to just say your fired in accordance with the State Human Resources Manual. Imagine me actually reading the manual ? How many people do you know that when they actually get elected that actually reads things like this ?

OK. There has to be an investigation by a committee, everything must be in writing. The person or employee must be notified in writing of the investigation. The employee can be removed or disciplined but must be allowed a hearing with an attorney to answer the charges brought against them and must be paid by the tax payers while all of this is going on.

Next, I want to state upfront that I already have proof that this man, Shane Guyant lied under oath, on my own lawsuit against the Department of Insurance. He was not the only one, all others except one lied that they had no knowledge of my criminal investigation. Well we all know that that was just a bold faced lie. But let me get on with this article. What must I do if I was the one that was elected as Commissioner of Insurance.

The first thing I would do with all managers is to have them sign an agreement of liability to and of there job and service. What a lot of people do not understand is almost everything that the Department of Insurance does is in the realm of legal understandings. In other words it effects every person in this State, that cannot protect themselves by the means of insurance companies and people and companies alike. In this employee agreement. Which would include the knowledge that they would not be allowed to lie under oath under any circumstance, and or face immediate firing. Also included in this work agreement that they would not be allowed to entertain lobbyists under any circumstances.

I would have a lie detector test done on every State employee, at least once every year. Just like the FBI and other governmental agencies do. Some of the sample questions would be for the State employees would be have you ever lied under oath to anyone or under any hearing that you have attended. I wonder how many people would be let go after only that one question. The second question would be have you released any information good or bad about any sensitive information about and or for and investigation that has happened in there roles as employees of this State.  Well there goes most of the other half of the employees in the Department of Insurance.

Next I would put a non-compete agreement in the standard for governmental employees. That would mean that the positions that they hold cannot be transferred to and let’s just say insurance company. I see this happening to often. These Deputy Commissioners are or were in contact with insurance companies and the insurance companies want the insurance law changed for there benefit and always in favor of the insurance companies. How many times do you think that this has happened.

Wayne Goodwin the main reason that you lost your election beside the fact that you were power broking was you did not have nor did you take control of the employees under you. Your lack of leadership of the Deputy Commissioners put you out of a job.

This is exactly what is going to happen to Mike Causey. Unless he takes my advice on these matters and do something about it. Then you nor your so called campaign staff, will not say that I am sore loser any further. I demand change, I am not asking for it. If you Mike Causey do not change the way that the Department of Insurance is ran, I will bring each and every one of these points up again in public in the 2020 election.

I am also not finished with the court system on making you Mike Causey, do your job in getting rid of the other power brokers in the Department of Insurance, like Shane Guyant, Angela Hatchell, Robert Cunningham, Rebecca Shigley, and Angela Ford.

These people lie, do personal vendetta’s against anyone without recourse against them because they hide behind the 11 Amendment, the powers of State, and so on. Let’s see what happens in the near future.