First let me start off by saying…..WELL DONE TIM !…….. In a story by WSOC and Blake Hanson. Last Friday, a judge handed down a decision.

Judge C.W Bragg of Union County, issued an order Friday after hearing arguments between Tim Mathis, a Union County bondsman, and an attorney for the North Carolina Department Of Insurance. ” those attorney’s are actually from the Department of Justice”  Mathis was contesting an NCDOI decision to revoke his Bail Bond License. The NCDOI sought to revoke his license after one of its investigators brought criminal charges against Tim Mathis. in 2015 on accusations he falsified monthly bond reports. Tim Mathis is still awaiting trail in the criminal case though. BUT…..If Tim loses his criminal case the NCDOI will have reasons again to revoke his license.

The North Carolina Department of Insurance said that it is permanently revoking Tim Mathis’s license for Bail Bonds. The Judge has different ideas on that matter. The Judge ordered Tim Mathis’s license reinstated, pending any other action that the NCDOI will bring against Tim Mathis. And knowing the NCDOI they will keep trying to come up with reasons to get Tim’s license again. Even if they have to get shit charges and throw them against the wall to see what sticks to it. Like they did with me.

The judge also stated that proof was presented that there was an incestuous relationship between NCBAA and our past Commissioner of Insurance Wayne Goodwin. Well just imagine that there would be some power broking deals going on in this State with elected officials? Hell let me make one and get away with it !   What I am not good enough for your deals ?

There is another Blake Hanson story about the incestuous relationship with Wayne Goodwin and his attorney buddy Mark Bibbs, that story is in Aug of 2016 on WSOC for anyone that wants to look it up.

And on a personal note having had false charges assessed against me. I know how it feels when a State Body brings charges against someone. To me this just shows another account how our Department of Insurance needs to be overhauled and some main players need to be RETIRED. I’ll even provide the list for you Mike Causey. This will only be the 10th time that I have given you the list though. But I don’t want to be the person letting this side down so I will give to you again.

Angela Hatchell, Robert Cunningham, Angela Ford, and especially the investigator of all charges, the lying under oath individual, Director of Criminal Investigations himself SHANE GUYANT. By the way I have documented proof that everyone of these individuals lied under oath on depositions. Yet, I can’t get Mike Causey to fire these lying people. You CAN fire them Mike I looked it up on State Employees. These people are not allowed to break the laws of North Carolina.

Mike Causey……. if you don’t start getting ride of these people they are going to bring you down just like they helped get rid of Wayne Goodwin. And I will be the first person in line telling you that I told you so.